03 January 2011

salt, sugar, sex

Still at it on the caffeine not having it days.
Sorry about that... my brain is still trying to adjust.
I'm sure the headaches will stop in a few years.

A little stretching is good for the body....

In Nursing School, they use Mnemonics to teach things.
The Adrenal Cortex was taught using this:
"Salt, Sugar, Sex - the deeper you go, 
the sweeter it gets!" fun link

It makes sense that if you drank about a million cokes
 and cups of coffee in your life, (and energy drinks)
that it could have influenced your adrenal function. 
Just enough to cause a temporary slow down.
Certainly not an all-out disease. 
And maybe that is the Holy Grail of the
Cortisol and Visceral Fat Connection!

The amazing kidneys, seen here with their little "hats" 
Which are super adrenal glands!  Yay!
And inside those are the Adrenal Cortex

So yeah, one cuppa Yerba Mate twice a day for me.

Still, no more junk.... never doubted my choice to 
go LoCarb!

And it's a good day for a walk!

I've noticed my reaction to things that are stressful.
I'm not as quick to over-react as I one was.

For example. A few nights ago, I spilled an entire cup
of tea - leaves and all - right onto the keyboard of my
Mac! I didn't panic... I calmly got up, turned off the Mac, 
got two cans of compressed air, and sprayed out the mess.
Then left the machine on all night to let it heat up and evaporate.
Even got Baby her own fan. Baby is my Mac's name.

Seemed to work, until I got a post from myself (two days ago)
dated January 4th! Who knows who else the poor little Mac emailed!
It was just an S-O-S from a frightened little laptop mouse.
Who happens to not like tea!

And I never panicked once.
Went right into "problem solving mode" 
instead of my usual "fight or flight" modality!

Eating and drinking and whatnot -
It always seems like a good idea at the time,
or we wouldn't do it.
I think the coping skills and maturity part of weight loss 
change - is just as important as diet and exercise.

So the great coffee (not) drinking experiment is proving
itself to be alright, after all.
It's like people who drink or do other things,
and swear that is "doesn't effect them at all!"
Well, then, why do it? Of course it effects them.
Or they wouldn't do it. Simple risk and benefit.

Hope your week is off to a great start!
And your year! A new baby year.


  1. After reading this, I'm glad I drink Pepsi! Whew!

  2. Caffeine is not my friend either. It makes me jump out of my skin. I love my tea though.

  3. I skipped coffee the first day of my "Eco-Atkins" phase one. Oh, the headache that ensued! Probably had something to do with my lack of sugar intake, too. I hope your headaches go away SOOOON.

    Also, had to chuckle at your "Bun Donuts" picture. All I could think was: "Man...donuts have given me buns. Big ones." LOL!

    Have a WONDERFUL day, sweetie. *hugs*

  4. My mac's name is frida :)))))
    And it's true. That's why I want to stop eating Chinese food for while. I didn't like how it made me feel. Be well, Anne.

  5. I liked this post! I have never been a caffiene drinker, and when I do have it, I'm so jittery! Have a nice day!

  6. Very cool, I never started drinking coffee because I was sure that just like everything else, it would become one more addiction that I would have to kick. And salt, sugar, sex??? Yeah, I'm not getting nearly enough of any of them. Boo.

    Polar's Mom

  7. Love those little hats. I have a cyst on top of those hats that gives me pain every one in awhile (how rude). Glad I never started drinking coffee. My hubby keeps trying to convince me that it will give me energy when I'm tired, but why bother starting at my age?

  8. I'm down to one cup a week. Ya can't have it in the house...bad...bad!

    Cute mousie. ;-)

  9. It's been a gazillion years since I studied anatomy in medical assisting school.. .I had even forgotten where those little hats were!

    Guess I am enjoying my 1 cup o' joe each morning too much to even consider giving it up. It's my breakfast, with 2 Tblspoons of cream, stevia and sugar free daVinci flavoring. That, plus about 100 calories of some kind of protein. I'm a simple gal. It's fast, easy, and totally satisfies me til lunch. (well, and my "breakfast" is at about 9am, so it's not that long til lunch).

    Oh well... maybe someday it would be worth giving it up for... I dunno... a million dollars. ;-)


  10. I know - that's what I once said!
    Never never never never never give up....
    I thought they were talking about coffee!

  11. Those caffeine deprivation headaches suck. You're a braver woman than I.

  12. I have a main computer and then i have my lovely net book whose name is Suzi's bitch :)
    Wish my kidney's looked like that, one is pretty much atrophied!

  13. WHAT, "the deeper you go, the sweeter it gets"... now where do you think my mind is going to be for the rest of the day?!?!

  14. Hmmm.
    Right into the adrenal cortex?
    Or not, eh?

  15. Well my week started off a bit funky (Sun night) but it's gone alright since then :) It's good to have routine and that's what today has been.

  16. Salt, sugar, sex....these are a few of my favorite things. ;-)

  17. But not all at the same time!
    Just sayin'.....

  18. Awww, poor Baby. My Wrongway is having issues connecting to the internet lately. Siiigh. He's on today, which I'm grateful for - he's so much faster than Tiberius - the netbook.

    I've noticed my reactions have changed with less caffeine, too. And a change of focus.

  19. interesting!! Our kidneys DO work very very hard :-)

  20. Coffee is the one thing I am never giving up. It is such a joy and helps me in staying on track with the diet.

    And yeah, my headaches would be like ripping my skull open with a crowbar if I tried to go cold turkey. That, ain't happening.

    Good luck in your quest. YoOu are far stronger than I.

  21. Can't believe you spilled liquid on your MAC and it is still working!! Wahoo for you! Me, I am HARD on computers. Tend to drop them. Accidentally of course.

  22. I am still having my coffee for now anyway. hope your headaches stop soon. take care my friend.

  23. I am really impressed by your actions with Tea Gate - I think I would have blown a gasket. And how funny that future Mac is emailing you! What did it want?

  24. Ohh the headaches! TEll me about it.
    I once went without Diet Coke for 6 WHOLE WEEKS... and had a killer headache the whole time. NEVER AGAIN I can tell you!
    Give me my caffein (Diet Coke fix) THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    I hope you get over the freaking headache soon..or go back to drinking coffee.

  25. Going back to bed with another migraine...
    So many I've lost track of the days...
    Good night, y'all!

  26. I could cut out pizza, fried chicken, ice cream, and all other junk food combined way easierthan I could ever hope to cut my couple cups of morning coffee. I applaud you effort if it's the right thing for you, but could you not drink just a cup a day and still be just as healthy?

  27. "Salt, Sugar, Sex" - sounds like a title to a song! I can give up most things, not sure I can give up my java though! Good for YOU!!

  28. My son spilled a whole pot of yoghurt on the keyboard and it still worked...and I didn't have a can of air to clean it, just a bit of OCD freak out! I've not replaced it because he spills stuff on it all the time, however, it does give me the heebeejeeebies knowing that there is a whole pot of dried out yoghurt on the innards of that keyboard. Grody to the max.

    I'm gonna drink the last of my Coke Zero then switch to coffee for a while - I don't like coffee that much but I've got to get off the Coke Zero, I'm drinking waaaay too much of it.

    Are you taking any adrenal support supplements or anything to help recover your adrenals? Hope they are merry soon! ;-)

  29. You did that? You make me so proud of you! and of course I leave your blog feeling better!! :)

  30. I'm giving up caffeine this week. I've done it before and know that if I get past the first week I'll have more energy that I do with it. Good for you!

  31. I was gonna say the same as C.Magee---Bun Donuts make my BUNS BIG! hehe...if I had dumped something in my keyboard, Id have burst into Bun Donuts and demanded 2 dozen. Boston Cream and chocolate glazed. Nah just kidding!! Now anyway...in the past? maybe not 2 dozen but I agree, low carb has mellowed me out! Hope your headaches begin to fade really soon Anne!

  32. bravo, Anne
    your readers loved this one
    me too
    not so quick to over react
    waaaaaay fab
    continuing headaches worry me some
    please check
    other possibilities of causes

  33. I take one Advil in the morning and one in the evening.
    If I need them, and most days, I do.
    I have plans to see a doctor sometime soon!
    And by "soon" I mean sometime this year.
    Thanks for the comments and concern!


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