31 January 2011

second job

Not really - I don't take Metformin...
probably should have back in the day, though....

The little tree that could is already showing buds for Spring.
How can that be? This picture is from yesterday....
it's rainy today! Blizzard on the way.

Around town


That's a pretty big gap under my front door....

No wonder it was cold in here.
Better fix it up! Brrrrr!!!

Tuna salad - with pork rinds for croutons
and mozzarella cheese...

I started my second job today!
It was very good!
It just fell into my lap.
And worked out great!

Hope your day is full of
 good things, good times, good people!


  1. Love the first pic. That is hilarious, Anne and very clever. :)

  2. So glad that second job came your way. I know you were wanting some more to do!

  3. Yes, that first photo is a gem. :)
    Coincidence: I have just been thinking about asking my doctor about metformin.

  4. A couple of doors in our house had drafts too so I bought one of these:


    because it's really irritating to have to keep putting the stopper back once someone opens the door!

  5. That's stupendous! Congratulations on the 2nd job, Anne!!

  6. Hope you have fun at the second job! Keep warm!

  7. OOO that salad looks so yum.. good luck with the 2nd job.

  8. The. Salad looks delish. I love your posts. Congrats on a 2nd job falling into your lap

  9. Metformin gave me chest pains. I kid you not. I wish I could take it. Might make weight loss a little easier.

    Chin revival? I guess even chins need to be revived from time to time.

    I'd eat that salad. Like right now, I'd eat that.

    Keep warm.

  10. Wow - took about 2 seconds for that job to find you! Great!

  11. Congrats on the new job! They're lucky to have you.

  12. Hi sweetie, so sorry I am slow getting back to you, have been down with a horrible flu that doesn't seem to want to go away.
    Your salad looks delicious and please don't work too hard....:-)Hugs

  13. Wow! Do you have a house full of critters with that gap? Enjoy your first day at your second job.

  14. I'd eat that salad, too. Now, please.
    Yay for the second job! I love when things just happen :)

    Better get to Home Depot and quick, afore that northern hits town.

  15. Seriously, that first photo makes me laugh out loud... in so many ways. Also makes me think about how I'd like to see Wicked again.

  16. That tree and blue sky picture is just delicious!

    Congrats on job #2.

  17. Congrats on the job!! That's wonderful!!

  18. the little tree that could
    your place
    blooming narcissus and hellebore
    my place

    beautiful world where
    like always
    winter's chill gives way to spring
    rebirth begins

  19. Good luck with the new job. I had to research Metformin (I've never heard about it before now). I love your pictures. Keep them coming.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  20. I thought your second job was entertaining all of us in blog world!?!

  21. What were you making with that piece of wood?

  22. Congrats on the new job!! They're very fortunate that you're there!


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