29 January 2011

blues skies in dallas

The Funeral Family keeps watch at the entrance of the cemetery

Greeting the Dead and the Living

A mild day for homeless people who live in a car in the park

Shirtsleeve weather - really nice!

A great day for fried chicken

I had two of these - but no skin and batter...

This lovely creature got the skin

After I got a (reluctant) kiss-ee-poo

Enjoy the weather while ya can -

Hope your day is happy and healthy for you!
In the mind and the mindful...


  1. Great photo's Anne, love the tree's and a bedazzled you:)

    God Bless the homeless

  2. I knew you were an angel.

  3. Great photos! I am living vicariously through you! Living in your sunshine!

    ...on soooo many levels!

  4. Love the blue skies. We had them to day but I never made it outside to enjoy it, though tonight I am basking the the light of my new Happy Light. Hoping it will help with my SAD.

  5. What a beautiful dog! Thats exactly how I kiss my dog. Like a billion and one times a day, he tolerates it LOL. Love your pics...sad about the homeless folk though :-(

  6. I'm jealous of your beautiful weather!

  7. What a handsome dog. Is he yours? Name? Little Rock had great weather today too... but I worked all day.

  8. the weather is testy.... nice, cold, windy!!! I am so ready for spring!

  9. The dog's name is "SIT!"
    Or maybe it's "Down!"
    Or "NO!"
    He is just a big sloppy puppy
    and needs a lot of "redirection!"
    Not mine....just mine to kiss for a while....

    And K - an angel?
    I shouldn't think so!
    Some people think I'm quite the opposite!

  10. That first photo is stunning! I keep going back to look at it... makes me smile. :-)

  11. Are you fostering him then? He is already one heck of a beggar, I'd hate to receive his full begging glare when he grows up!

    Polar's Mom

  12. No, I'm not Foster Mom!
    This was someone else's Dog altogether!
    I think his Human Companion said he was first a Rescue Puppy.

  13. I love the colour of the sky! Absolutely breathtaking :)


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