24 January 2011

walnut chicken salad

A can of chicken. And some mayo.

Walnuts. I keep them in the freezer, in a zip-lock bag.

Chop 'em up. Fly, fly, fly!

Add them to the mix.
You can also add onions, apples, grapes....
but not so much for LoCarb....

But I did add a couple of Blackberries.
I also keep those in the freezer.

This dish is best served cold.
Like Revenge.
But not like the cold shoulder.
That dish (cold shoulder) is best served warm.
Like a hug. A great big hug!

I have officially climbed the mountain of stuff
in the work-out room. And moved it all.

I hereby claim this land in the name of the Queen!
If I had a picture of the Queen, I would put it here.

To let in light, I used a geo-design shower curtain
in the work-out room.  Plus it keeps out the cold!

My 1950's retro "belt shaker."
The ladies in my apartment call it an "exerciser."
I bought it on ebay for like $20.

Way back in the day. (link)
Also a couple of Monster Drink Art Signs.
(Still no Monster drinks for me!)

So the huge task of sorting everything out
is done. And it went well...
See - it is possible!
And now to get back on track to living the rest 
of my life. What ever that means!
Hope your week  is wonderful!
Getting alot done?
There's always plenty to do, it seems.
Do tell!


  1. wow.
    you came you saw you SORTED you KICKED GLUTES and took names.

  2. Your arrangement looks wonderful. Man, I love that retro machine. Very cool! I hope you find your "new" surroundings very peaceful.

  3. And yes, that is a giant pink fish on the couch.
    It's my "Fish Of The Year" award
    for Nurse Of The Year, at work!

  4. That tiny bawl of salad with 4 blackberries was not your whole meal, was it? My meals look gigantic compared to that.

    Workout room looks great. Love that curtain!

    The living space with the couch looks very cosy and homey. Looks like a great place for rest and relaxation.

  5. CANNED chicken?! Keep me away from walnuts... :o)

    I will help you with clearing out if I can play in your workout room!

  6. So that 50s exerciser worked! Look how thin you've become since you got it!

  7. Ha! Monster posters. You have two monsters in your house.

    Your gym is perfect. When I was a kid my mom had one of those belt shaker things. My brother and I would play on it. Maybe that's why I was so skinny as I kid!!!!! OMG, I'll buy it from you for $40. :P kidding.

  8. I remember those belt shakers. Supposed to vibrate your fat away and get rid of cellilite. I always felt horrible using those in front of people. Jiggling fat didn't seem like a good idea at the time. :)

  9. I have to do the same thing you just did in a 2 story 4 bedroom house...not looking forward to it at all!

  10. I think I saw one of those "exercisers" on I Love Lucy before! Maybe it would at least help circulation, I dont know, but I always roughly massage my fat. LOL is that weird? I think it shouldnt be allowed to set up shop and do business unmolested. *what a weird comment!*
    Anyhoo. Love the pink fish, and I WANT THE HOME GYM! I want to add a sturdy treadmill to my elliptical, but working with limited space and funds at this second!
    Enjoy your newly organized space!

  11. I like grapes and celery in my chicken salad. Never tried it with canned; usually I get a rotisserie chicken and cut it up.

  12. Great work out gear. Kudos for getting it all moved. Love your hot shower curtain!

  13. I love your workout room! Actually i love your peaceful surroundings :)

  14. I thought it was Burt or Ernie on the couch. A giant fish -- ha!

  15. The place looks terrific and inviting. The workout space you made is so cool. I wanna workout witchoo!

    But goshdarn it, Annie, you sure like mayo. That's like 5 x what I use to make chicken salad. (And yup, walnuts in chicken salad rule! Also celery, onion and carrots. Mmm. Cubans traditionally add a lot of mayo and apple bits (little diced bits))

    Happy Monday!

  16. The end result in your home looks lovely! Clapping away for you!! :):)

  17. All that order looks so wonderful! I love grapes in my chicken salad...except when doing very-low-carb.

  18. The chicken salad looks yummy.....

  19. You mean my belt shaker DOESN'T reduce me? Whaaaaaa. Explains so much. LOL.

    Love what you've done with your place. Tres chic. Maybe your next career: pro organizer? My house could be your demo (you could take photos and everything!)

    O, you just make me feel silly. :)


  20. girl you have a full fledged gym in that apartment!!! go you!!


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