26 January 2011

work out room

Welcome to my work out room, y'all!
What's shaking?

Cool curtain - lets in the light
(Much needed)

Pull-up bar over the door.
P90X style... still can't do one chins-up.

1950's Belt Shaker prominently displayed.
Monster Drink Art work optional,
but highly recommended.

Master Bedroom holds alot of stuff equipment.
[15 x 12 + two big closets!]
Not bad for an apartment!

Yoga pad, little hand weights.... push-up things
Gloves, all that jazz.... 

Bike has a trainer for winter work.
In this case, resistance is a good thing!

Note the "big butt" gel seat! Cushy!
Just sayin'...

Weights and resistance bands, weighted vest...

So far, I can lift the bar! 
With perfect form; no cheating.
Working my way up to actual weights.

The bouncer -
Catch ya on the rebound, baby!

Gym quality treadmill

Folds up for storage...

Sleeping on the run....

Treadmill, weights, bike, and trainer - 
all came from craigslist!
 1950's belt-shaker came from ebay.....

My Nursing hours are so crazy -
I didn't want to go to the gym at all hours 
of the day and night. I know myself by now;
this way is much easier for me!

I'm currently budgeting for a wall-mounted TV,
so I can watch "Scrubs" and "Law and Order"
 while I beat my feet.... so to speak! 
For now, the iPod does nicely.

Shake, Shake, Shake....
YouTube video 

Hope your day is wonderful with lots of happy fun and joy!


  1. Awesome! What do you charge for a membership at your very own, little gym? Tee-hee! That's great!

  2. Oh, whew, you didn't get rid of the bouncer! lol

    Great home gym there! I have treadmill envy.

  3. Now THAT'S a workout room that everyone would be jealous for. Smile and keep shaking!

  4. p.s. I want one of those shaker things--it just makes my back feel good looking at it.

  5. I'm jealous of your home gym; I need to kick some daughters out and convert a room!

  6. Cool room, Anne. You are my hero and I hope to emulate you soon with our spare bedroom. I also want to add a television to ours and a dvd player so I can use some of my workout DVDs in there. I am so green with envy right now. Love it and you. :)

  7. LOVE it.. especially the shaker! too fun! this is awesome..thanks for the tour!

  8. Can I sign up for a membership to your gym?

    The first thing I noticed was the seat on that bike. It looks so much nicer than the popsicle stick on mine. :)

  9. Wow, quite the set-up you've got there. Love it. No excuse not to go to the gym. Thanks for the laugh...your treamill sleepin'.

  10. That is a well-equipped gym! Also? I lol'd about you lifting the bar and working your way to adding weights...thanks for the giggle this morning!

  11. I used to watch Scrubs all the time. Will you wear your scrubs while watching Scrubs :)

  12. I love your workout room! We have an eliptical and some hand weight along with my yoga stuff in ours. My hubs wants to get this weight bench he saw. looking forward to it!

  13. Wow, you've got an awesome setup there! And I a so. jealous. of your shaker. The very first "gym" I joined ever, which was for ladies only, had one of those. They actually conviced us it would shake the fat off lol!

  14. Let me tell you, something would be shaking with me using your exercise equipment! LOL Likely around my middle area.

  15. When I can finally start P90X I am so getting a pull-up bar because I can't do one either and I want to!!!

  16. My mom had one of the belt shaker things!!! It was great!!! I loved getting on it and talking, your voice vibrates. Cool gym, can I join?

  17. Great gym room Anne. Sometimes I wish we had the room for one but I don't think I'm dedicated enough to use it. Hope you have a great day!

  18. Very cool workout room! Mine has a TV, a treadmill, and a ton of stuff that we use for our business. I spent quite a bit of time in there today trying to make it look more like a workout room and less like a craft show catch-all. :)


  19. I'm envious you get a whole room.

  20. I am envious. Now, I want a home gym. I will have to set a future plan for that (for when we move), cause hubby has started exercising a bit and I want us to grow old(er) with strength and vitality.

    Enjoy the gym, Annie!!!! Sending a dose of happy juice to you via these electrons!

  21. Great workout space!! I'm jealous too! I'll be coming over to work out with you!

  22. That 50's Belt Shaker brought back a flood of memories! My Mom had one when I was a little kid, and I remember we kids would love to turn it on, get in it, then talk with our voices all funny... like on your video. :-D

  23. That is an amazing work out room! Wow!

    Those belt shakers make me laugh. What a hoot.

  24. I want your treadmill!!! what kind is it, where did you get it? Just askin...my elliptical folds up for storage too, which is good because those suckers are HUGE! I want to add a fold-up treadmill soon! Hope u get that TV, vegging out infront of it while working out is awesome, especially if you dont look at the clock :-D

  25. Very nice room! But is that how your chin up bar goes? Mine wedges into the doorway itself, because if mine was like yours I would rip the door off the hinges! ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  26. Great workout room! That shaker thing is just odd. lol

  27. Wow, what an impressive work out room!

  28. shake it - don't break it!January 26, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    Now let's see what you got -
    What cha gonna do with all that stuff!
    Come on, Carbie! Break it down for us!

  29. That is one cool room! I love the curtain, too. I wouldn't have thought to use that as a regular curtain, but it works!

    Great video!

  30. I like doing my sweating at home!! No gym's for me!!

  31. Sleeping on the tredmill, Brilliant!

  32. OMGosh! I think I'd get car sick on the shaker but it looks fun.

    And... "Sleeping on the run...." You crack me up :-)

    xo jj

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