17 January 2011

such a pretty face

Case Study #1
Alison is the new Low Carb Queen!
She has lost 40 5o pounds since going on Low Carb!
In about 8 months.

She said she liked the results I got on it.
And thought she would give it a try.
Just to see. Well, hey!

"Official" all time highest weight.

Summer 2010 on the blogs.
She's 5'8" and over 200 pounds here...
"Pleasingly Plump," as Granny would say....

Every time we did some highlights
She had lost a noticeable amount of weight!

She asked if I would put her picture on the blog -
to give people hope - that if she could do it,
Just about anyone could do it!

She still has a way to go, she says
but she loves the LoCarb lifestyle.
And the weight-loss results she gets from it!
More results to come!

Yay! Hope your day is filled with 
hopeful good things!


  1. WoW! Look at Alison following your lead. She looks fabulous! Congrats to her on her success.
    xo jj

  2. She looks so dinky. She does have such a pretty face. Well done to you both.


  3. She looks great! Isn't it great when we find a program that suits us well and makes our life so much better? Well done, Alison!

  4. And I think we got the highlights just right!

  5. Congratulations to Allison on the weight loss and on her taking care of herself.

  6. Yay, Alison, well done!

    Long may your success continue.

  7. Way to go Alison, what terrific progress she's made. It's always so cool when you make a difference to someone else. Way to go to you too Anne for being an inspiration to so many (me included). *hugs*

  8. I remember Allison! Wow thanks to both of you for posting these. congrats!!

  9. You are a good friend Anne.
    We can only give what we have.

    So taking care of ourselves isn't a selfish thing.
    Believing we are worth it is the greatest gift another soul can extend.

    You have helped me believe and for that I am truly grateful.

    oh yeah and the highlights look great too :)

  10. I loved reading about Alison's progress! Thanks for sharing her story... I look forward to future Highlights of her progress.


  11. That's wonderful. Look at you inspiring people. :)

  12. I love posts like this. Hope springs eternal!

  13. ALLISON, YOU ROCK!!! And I just love the pic of her with almost closed eyes outside with the "highlights" and calm smile. Pretty pic. Cute gal.

    Good for her! Says the princess who is doing "lower" carb and happy again. :D

  14. A very pretty face, indeed. WTG Allison.

  15. Good for her, and good for you for being such an inspiration!

    Polar's Mom

  16. Allison is looking terrific!! You both are my inspiration!! Thank you!!

  17. Wow - she looks fabulous and to someone like me , just starting out to see pictures like this are really inspirational. I'd love to think I too could have results to look forward to
    Well done and tell Allison thanks from me for letting them be posted. Every bit of encouragement helps here

  18. Excellent work, Allison! And Anne.

  19. WHOA! THAT is something! Amazing loss/gain. :)

  20. Pretty face indeed! Makes me almost wish carbs was my problem so I could go low carb!!


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