27 January 2011

salad day

2 cups of salad is one serving.
A "regular" serving for me is closer to 3 cups or more.

Double that, and add guacamole.
The ready-made from the bag is always handy,
and not as hard to find in winter as avocados.

Ton of 1,000 island, some cheese, bacon....
I fry up some bacon in advance, and cube the cheese...

This will be an Energy Drink summer for sure...
Convenience stores are already gearing up for it!

Bad Girl brand, "pink" Rock Star, Princess Red Line.....
A whole line is targeted for women!

Bringing more Monster for the Energy-starved world!
I once had to buy Monster from a little hole-in-the wall
independent store before it went all "big-time." 

The newest member of the LoCarb Monster family...
"Black Ice" - super concentrated, super strong! Made with nitrogen!
Tastes like beer, maybe. Yes, I tried one - didn't really care for it!
Plus it's $3 for a little can. Didn't even finish it! And didn't buy more.
Mine was so pressurized, that it popped when I opened it, 
and it went every where! What a mess!

Seems my body prefers my own version of energy.
A balance of physical and mental energy that 
doesn't seem to come from a can. 
Hospice calls it "psychic energy." (link)
As in psychological... not as in being a psychic. 
This is not to say I won't have the occasional energy drink... 
I am sure I will. I'm looking forward to it!
Trying them again now, only caused a massive headache,
but no cravings or any other rebound effect.

While you are there, you can pick up a sword
At a convenience store near you

Or a triple sword hand-thing 
for that Mutant X-Man thing going on...

Lap Band thing - yours for only  $9,000 bones....
This is the Non-Smokers rate, of course.
These BillBoards are everywhere!

Do they give a discount if you are not overweight?
Angry smile

And so is the traffic, of course.
The work seems never-ending. These guys probably 
make a lot more money than I do. Hecka, everyone makes
alot more money than I do!

These guys don't seem to mind....
Like water off a ..... well, you know.....

Hope your day is going wonderfully!


  1. Billboards for lapband surgery?! Eek!

  2. That billboard! I'm speechless.

  3. I know, right!?
    The ads are pretty invasive,
    since they are actually everywhere.
    Now, even on the local radio stations.
    It's the next big thing!
    People think I have had some form of surgery.
    Since my weight loss was "so rapid."
    Which, by the way, it wasn't THAT rapid.
    I have even had nurse friends feel my stomach
    to see if I have a port sticking out.

  4. I am pretty shocked by that billboard. Has it really come to that already? *Shudder*

    The triple sword hand extension looks kinda cool. I'd probably kill myself with it in the first 5 seconds of wearing it.

  5. Show me what you mean by ready made guacamole in the bag. Do you mean the package of guacamole mix that you add water to? 'Splain it to me oh food guru, I am always learning things from you.

  6. Great photos. I think I better skip the dressing and the energy drinks though. Just a little tea is enough to mix with my meds and get my butt moving. I can't believe there are lap band billboards. I am not a fan even though I had weight loss surgery. Too much maintenance and too little instruction on how to use them properly. The billboards are scary.

  7. I tried PB2 finally and I love it!!! makes for a yummy protein shake!

    They are putting billboards up on our area now for the lap band, its crazy.

  8. Ahhh...Carl Jung! well and Frued too I guess. But brain metabolism etc...very interesting!
    As is this from the rockstar website about the new pink:
    Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs! Lightly carbonated & only 10 calories per can. Rockstar Pink is enhanced with 100% RDI of 5 critical B-vitamins, caffeine, and ginseng to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles-from athletes to rock stars. Enjoy this refreshing, perfectly carbonated energy drink super chilled.
    I may have to try that if I can find it!! Hubby is addicted to "red" NOS and something in a brown can with a title I cant recall!

    Oh and the guacamole, are you talking about something like "wholly quacamole"? I tried that thinking it would be gross, but I was very impressed! Good stuff!

  9. That billboard is amazing- a quick fix for weight loss. That's just sad.

  10. Pink Rock Star??? Low carb? :D

    Yummo salad. Cheese and bacon are a marriage made in low carb heaven.

  11. It's amazing they list the price on those Lap Band commercials. We have had a few commercials with an urgent message that the Lap Band may no longer be covered by the new health care changes so to hurry up and sign up!

    I just want some of the cheese and bacon right now :)

  12. i love guac.. but I only make my own.. and it's so fast and easy! prepackaged scares me with all the additives/sodium and crap. but you take what you can get, eh?

    so glad to see you eating salad!!!

    Anne.. you are simply marvelous, I come to your blog, and it cheers me right up. xox

  13. I can't believe they advertise for lap bands!! Oh i heard something on the news last night. I just caught the end of it but it said the worst drivers are in Texas :) Watch out for them!

  14. I love how you add the cheese to everything! It makes me smile. :) :)

  15. I love me some cheese!! My best friend says that I would probably eat sh*t if it had cheese on it!! What is PB2??

    I love low carb, I just have a hard time sticking to it. I am a big meat and diary eater, so Allan's Challenge is a real challenge for me!! I'm not a big veggie eater, but I am learning!!

  16. That billboard and how weight-loss pills, etc., are advertised makes me sad. It not as simple as how these ads present it and what concerns me is that lots of people take such ads seriously. It's a kind of abuse these ads...


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