23 January 2011

spaghetti squashed

It's a great day to learn about Spaghetti Squash

This is Spaghetti Squash. They say it's good!
We are going to bake it.

Poke holes in the squash.
Prevents squash implosion.

Oops! It won't fit in the oven.
I have a "real" oven.
I just don't use it. I don't know why.

So we chop it in half to make it fit!

Hmm. hmmm.mmmmm
Cook for 30 minutes or so at 350 degrees or so.
Oh yes, by the way. 
Installed two under the cabinet lights tonight.
The de-cluttering is going greatly. 
We are almost done.

And here ya go!

Alison liked it - me - not so much!
She added butter and lemon.

I'll just have this instead.
Hope your weekend is happy
and all kinds of wonderful things
are going on with you!


  1. HA! I liked it ish. For me, the let down was that it isn't sphagetti and since I wanted spagetti...
    I'm actually not too in love with all the squashes--there are so many--available in this country. All we had in Jamaica was pumpkin and not the kind that is orange that y'all signify with halloween. It's green on the outside and orange on the inside. Makes great soup!
    Apparently it's some kind of spuash in this country.

    Oh, and you should totally come to NY! I forgot to respond to that...

  2. I make it in the microwave, half it ....put water in the dish and seal tight...then mix it with ICBINB, cinnamon, and sweetner...my family likes it this way...we don't try to use it for a pasta sub.

  3. I like it. It's not enough like spaghetti that it will fool anyone, but I enjoy it with marinara as if it were a quasi-pasta. :) For me, I prefer it as a side dish. With meatballs. :D

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Love spaghetti squash... so versatile. Sweet dishes, savory dishes.

    Current fave: baked spaghetti pie! Yummo.

    Hope you didn't try it plain... it's not very glamorous without it's "make up". LOL!


  5. Alison liked it ? I am loving the vicarious thrill as I follow your moves. We think alike in regards to women.. Be afraid...

  6. I haven't tried spaghetti squash but hear about it all the time. Do you have any taste comparisons? Love the first photo, Anne.

  7. I love it with some light laughing cow cheese and parmesan sprinkled on top!

  8. Karen - yes, it tasted like crunchy yukky worms.
    Other than that, it was great!

  9. ROFL crunchy yukky worms - hahaha!

    Plain, or even with butter and S&P, doesn't seem to show it off much. Toss the cooked strands with your choice of chopped veggies, cooked ground meats, and topped with cheese and baked however, it turns into something altogether different! Or, and thanks to Jimmy Akin for this, FRIED - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEin2j7-CVU . Don't give up on it yet :).

  10. i just caught it, that you only cooked it for about 30 minutes. Yeah, undercooked crunchy worms... funny description!

    I cook mine for at LEAST 45 minutes, prolly closer to an hour, depending on size (we tend to get larger ones). Too long, and it's too mushy. Too short, and it's crunchy worms (still cracking up over that).

    The left-overs are fun to come up with new stuff to do with it. One recipe has you adding eggs and stuff, and making Crunchy Worm Pancakes (ha ha ha, can't stop... I'll have that stuck in my head all day).

  11. i loooooooove squashes of all kinds, but this not so much. I cant even pretend its spaghetti, I guess if you put butter and more savory seasonings on it its slightly more palatable, but yecchhh, not on my regular menu!
    Those glasses are awesome!

  12. Hey girlfriend, love the glasses, not a lover of squash at all...declutering is necessary, Nice you had someone to help you with it. love your treasures you found, Canaddian money means you could come to Canada to spend it....just saying. glad I get to visit you again. hugs.

  13. Maybe not in the dead of Winter, eh?
    Or was that the dread of winter....

    And the glasses - they do help!
    Great for cooking!

  14. I like when you walk us through a cooking lesson and read everyones spin on their own versions ...so many great ideas!

    I bet you were looking all over the place trying to remember where those glasses were! So glad the decluttering left you with playful energy.

  15. yum love the squash. I undercook it a bit for a crunch and then mix it in with a thick meat gravy..

  16. I'm not much on Spaghetti squash either. How I made it that tasted the best to me was little fritters. Just take the cooked squash, put in a bowl with some egg beaters (or an egg) and some parmesan cheese with some pepper and then heat up a frying pan really hot and spray with pam or put in a bit of butter and then spoon into the pan by the tablespoon and brown each side. You can also bake these in the oven but I like the pan fry way best. they actually taste pretty good or at least I think they do. Anyway, good for you for trying something new. Loved your glasses *smile*.

  17. Groovy glasses, Anne. I love spaghetti squash -yum.

  18. My mouth was left open with the end result. You're educating me!

  19. Looks like hashbrowns. I want to fry it up with some onions and then smother it with cheese. MmMmmmmmm. . cheese

  20. Great glasses and I LOVE the last photo, LOL. :)

    And now I know how to bake Spaghetti Squash! YAY!!

  21. i like spaghetti squash, but only once or so a week because it's kind of expensive and bulky!

    i bake it in the oven, and then add some texas pete's hot sauce (which really isn't very hot), smart balance spray (obviously you can use butter or oil or whatever), and random spices. for whatever, the addition of the texas pete's sauce makes ALL the difference. i swear it becomes a pseudo asian noodle dish after applying, very tasty. :)
    i'm not huge into hot sauce or anything but this stuff is nice.

    i also clean off the seeds, season, and bake em. very tasty and i love salty/savory snacks. i've found that acorn squash seeds are easier to clean off, less stringy...but i like the actual flavor of spaghetti squash more so it wins!


  22. oooh, i also find it to be a bit hashbrown-like once all seasoned and after sitting out for a little bit :) yumyum



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