04 January 2011

tick tock

The coolest clock ever?

Time is going fast
Better get some right away!

Or make some time
As in "make the time to do this..."

Erase this moment and it is gone forever
And the next one arrives

Try to take advantage of each moment
or at least see it for what it is
what it was
what it could be


  1. That video was so different! I like what you're saying here. Somehow I feel better.

  2. It really makes me think... YOU always make me think! Thank you!

  3. I wonder if he is paid by the minute.

  4. scares me to think about
    the moment being gone forever
    scares me big time
    even though the next one
    does indeed arrive
    but it's true and important
    thanks for the clock notes

  5. Every moment is precious indeed. Anne, I'd love to have you for a friend in real life. You are so upbeat and put a positive spin on everything.

    Do you think I could apply for the job as clock-person. No time to be eating on the job.

  6. Time flies by so fast. Gotta enjoy each day.

  7. Now that is cool. The whole idea of it and the way it makes the point. Nice.
    xo jj


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