14 January 2011

walk on by

If you see me walking down the street

And I start to cry each time we meet

Walk on by. Don't stop - just walk on by!

I just can't get over losing you

And so if I seem broken and blue
Walk on by, walk on by.

Foolish pride that's all that I have left

So let me hide the tears and the sadness I gave me

When I said goodbye - just walk on by.....

YouTube Video
the incomprehensible
Diana Krall
Hope your day is splendid
with awesome choices for a
great tomorrow!


  1. OMG, I want to melt down that tub of Bluebell ice cream and then go swimming in it...yeah, it's late here. Leave me to my unhealthy fantasies ;)

  2. but anne, dog food?! the jamaicans would ask, "a suh tings bad?!"

  3. You Crazy Woman:) Don't make me laugh, it hurts xxx

  4. Think I might have ended up in spam again lol I need to be sleeping but instead here I am walking on by your place :) should I be feeling like I can eat anything?I think that's called bad thinking so I'll walk on by :)

  5. Who took that picture of you holding the ramen noodle soup is what I want to know. Bogging/shopping mix seems like so much fun when you do it.

  6. Thanks, y'all!
    I used the timer on the cell phone for that one!

  7. Another reason to not shop shop shop. I buy the things we need online or at the little store in the little town, not so many choices, mostly the necessities in the store. The little store emails me a coupon each week. Coupon for ground beef 99 cents/lb. This week it was bananas 20 cents.

  8. Walking by the Ramen is not hard for me; gag.

    For my teenagers, who will soon be in college, they need to set a gps bookmark to where the Ramen is the grocery store. Ramen, its whats for THEIR dinner.

  9. sometimes I miss the candy aisle, but its all empty lovin!

  10. Wonderful snapshots!!!

  11. Yes, I can commiserate, Anne. There are certain things I pass in the grocery store that make me sigh and wish that I had to gene to eat everything and never gain weight, like one of my brothers. However, I was dealt this hand so I will have to play it and walk on by those things that I miss.

  12. There is a song for every feeling under the sun.

    How many times have I ached over a desperate choice or perceived abandonment?

    To think I am willing to eat dog food?

    Somebody slap me!

  13. Your post had me singing the old song, Just walk on by - wait on the corner...

    Mmm, dog food ... lol.

  14. Oh dear, the cashews. Must shut my eyes. I think it's about the only food I'm still incapable of moderating. Got the licorice down finally. I don't dare try the cashews though.

  15. Ouch. I need that will power.

  16. I love that song. I am a big "old time" Dionne Warwich fan in her days doing Bacharach/David. What a perfect combo, those tree...lyrics/music/voice. I love me dat...

    Krall's excellent. But I'm biased. Gimme the Warwick vocals on this! (I do like this arrangement a lot, though).

    Yeah, baby, walk, walk, walk by that poison stuff.


  17. I like the song and I love your post. thanks for sharing. BTW, the changes you document in your photos are amazing!

  18. I was singing along with your post!

  19. Hey, Anne. Just wanted to let you know that I have a blog award over on my site for you. You can pick it up anytime you you want. Thanks for being such a "sweet" blogging friend. :)


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