04 January 2011

the history of low carb

Hey - you - I'm mad at you!
Low Carb is just some dumb fad.
All this weight you lost will return 
the minute you start eating ice cream again.
And cokes, and candy bars. 

Really? Go figure!
I'll keep that in mind.

Low Carb - a fad? Not hardly!
Just seems like it re appears every
decade in a different form. Kinda like anything else.
but Low Carb has been around since forever!

Our first people - things loved to LoCarb.
It's so easy, even a cave man can do it!

A fifteen minute call could save you a thousand carbs or more!
If only they had phones. Fat cell phones.

In 1863, William Banting  wrote his famous book on Corpulunce

Later, in 19 and 67, Dr Stillman's diet was wildly popular!

Just not alot of grains - and sweets - like any weight loss diet.
Less carbs less carbs less carbs.
It always comes down to less carbs.

Then there's the Air Force Diet 
Army people didn't get any real food -
just MRE's - so no need to go on a diet! 

Sailors didn't get a diet named after them.
Except the SeaFood Diet - aka the See Food Diet!

and the Drinking Man's Diet.... (*hic*)

No Marching Band diet, or Fat Person Diet?
Well, not yet.... But I'm sure someone will think of those next. 

Low Carb is just a great way to enjoy a healthy diet!
For life. It doesn't mean NO carb. 

It's not dangerous - except to the junkfood companies!
And to people who make money selling the idea 
that grains and sugars are "healthy" and "intuitive" 
and "good for you."

I remember well those "intuitive" days. 
Late night eating at the fridge -
Well, I was hungry, right?
Hungry all the time - 
Trying and trying and trying...

Yeah. It was VERY trying!

All successful weight-loss diets are probably more similar, 
than they are different.

And just because a person "likes" something 
doesn't mean it's good for their body, or weight-loss goals.
Or even good for learning self-control.
Sometimes it's an excuse; some form of self-sabotage.
We don't need to make reasons to fail!

LoCarb means no sticky sugary sweet carbs that are no good for you
or your diet! And no over processed to death grains that 
turn into sugar in 5 minutes. Oh, yeah, that!

Just much less starch, and sugars.
Less grains. I know, it's sad!
But so is looking like a Sumo Wrestler.
At least it was not the look for me.

Here's some links to wikipedia! link
There's the Atkin's Diet link
South Beach Diet link
The Zone Diet link

And thanks, as always to Loretta
for letting me tag along on Toon Tuesday!
And as usual, all these pics were done
on my trusty cell phone.

Hope your day is sweet 
without the sweets!
Aren't we all sweet enough without 'em?


  1. So easy even a cave man can do it... LOL!!

    As always, loved it. And a good low carb primer. I especially like that you point out that it is NOT "no" carb.

    Good info!

  2. OH I LOVE the line that it is not dangerous except to the junk food companies!

  3. Love tuning in on Toon Tuesday.

    The message is somehow easier to accept.
    Why is that (:

    Thanks Anne you Da Best!
    Sweet but not tooo Sweet.

  4. Great job Anne, you are so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just personally don't see how eating an abundance of animal fat and dairy(fat) could be good for you. You need fiber and lots of it, and not so much dead animal fuel. I do agree that less processed carbs is very important but something like fruit, no, unless you're binge eating bananas! :)

  6. Can't We All Just Get Along?January 4, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    There ya go then....
    It's Lo Carb Wars all over again....

  7. I love this post. You would be a great teacher!

  8. Bravo! Carbs aren't necessarily the enemy...but in large quantities, they are. Especially to me (diabetes, anyone?).

  9. YOU DID SUMO WRESTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying here. So funny. The hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gosh, thanks for helping me burn off calories howling with glee. :D
    And low-carb is a great way to lose weight. May not be everyone's cuppa tea, but it's a good one.

  10. OK. Now what?
    Housekeeping, aisle 7 and 8

  11. Hey, it's hardly a war, buddy! Just saying I'm all for low carb but I'm not huge on high fat. How about low carb(processed and grains), low fat, moderate protein? I'm all for it..and have kept off a 50 pound weight loss for 9 years now. You don't have to be at one extreme side of the fence, is all. Just my 2 cents. I enjoy your blog a bunch and find it motivating and inspiring. :) doesn't mean I can't have a different eating philosophy, people!

  12. And by "low fat" I don't mean very restricted on fat..just reasonable amounts in my everyday food, not adding butter or oil etc.

  13. Who are all these anonymous peeps on your Blog, Anne? Lo-carb diets are not the lo-carb diets of yesterday (IMO). Eat a pound of bacon or a pound of turkey sausages for breakfast (lol). Lo-carb, not no carb. I like that. I do agree with one of the Anonymous people though - we all have a different philosophy. One thing doesn't work for everyone - thank goodness. How boring would that be? :-)

  14. Your drawings made my day today, Anne! I don't know why a publishing company hasn't found you yet. These would make a fabulous point-of-purchase book. Want me to help you? I have some experience in the publishing world. PB

  15. Sorry, Anon....
    I'm little touchy from all that's been going only lately.
    Please forgive - I must have taken leave of my senses!
    I, too agree on the high fat and have vowed to reduce my intake
    by 50% -- which I have! So it's the best of both worlds, eh?

    And the headaches - blog related, I am sure.
    HTML + Advil. But that's another story for another day!

  16. Awesome job bringing the fat down while still sucking to your basic principles and losing weight! Sounds like you got it down. Ps-who am I? Just a person that lurks weight loss blogs-keeps my mind positive and fresh. Your blog in particular Is really well written.

  17. Sticking to your basic principles, not sucking!! Hehe

  18. :)
    It's all good!
    And thanks....

  19. Congrats on what you have done and are doing. Keep up the good Work. Also I LOVEthe art work. How did you do that?

  20. Just a note about "intuitive"
    When I drive by a field of grains -or grasses,
    I don't get hungry!
    So - intuitive?
    Only after you turn it into bread sticks at the Olive Garden!

  21. oh this is great. Glad I clicked. Love your blog.


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