24 January 2011

faded love

As I look at the letters that You wrote to Me

It's You that I am thinking of,

As I read the lines that to me were so dear,
I remember our Faded Love.

I miss you, Darling more and more every day,

As Heaven would miss the stars above,

With every heartbeat, I still think of You,

And remember our Faded Love

YouTube Video
Patsy Cline

Found an old cell phone tonight.
Charged it up, and called forth the Ghost of Pictures Past.
Still amazed at what I see. I feel somewhat detached 
from the images there. It's a though I barely knew 
my former, heavier self. How can that be?

This Patsy Cline song was on at the time and it
really seemed to fit! Who the heck was that person?
Guess I'll never know. I was happy then, at least.
Being heavy doesn't mean being unlovable.

Hope your day is happy and filled with lots of love!


  1. Speaking of letters, I am finally finally mailing yours tomorrow!! I wrote it a couple weeks ago buttttt

  2. Anne - I also feel sad about things gone by and people / things I've lost along the way. To some extent, I'll (probably) always harbor the child that misses what was and never was. At the very least, you can / should feel proud about the way you're caring for yourself now vs. then. Every victory counts. And self-love definitely counts! I think what you've accomplished is pretty spectacular.


  3. I really miss my "other" self somehow...
    All this time, and I never knew my own self.
    How did this happen? Guess I'll never know.

  4. I know the feeling, Anne. When I see photos of me before losing the weight, I now feel I am looking at a total stranger. I also mourn the years I spend that way without doing something. I wish it had been able to "get it" when I was younger and had more years ahead of me to enjoy good health.

  5. Ive never heard this song before, its nice. Sad and wistful which I guess would fit the feelings you describe having charging up that old phone! What do you miss about your "other self"? I hope you are happy today!!!

  6. A pictorial testimony to how far you have come! Bravo!

  7. Sometimes i really miss a past behavior that made me feel happy! (well i didn't really but it made me think i was happy)
    I don't think we ever let go totally of the things/people we used to have/be.

  8. Wow...that was interesting and sorta sad....

    But we know you love the Annie now, right? Cause you rock! (What song would your new self get???)

  9. I bet you were just AS lovable then as you are now. :)

  10. Interesting that you posted this on the day Jack Lalanne made his transition. The guru of fitness was and is loved by many...just like you our guru of LowCarb is and will always be lovable.

  11. For me, being heavy meant I was unloveable unfortunately. I wish I hadn't wasted those years hating myself but cest la vie I guess...

    Polar's Mom


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