05 January 2011

happy birthday kyle

Happy Birthday to Kyle!

It's cake time once again....

Got to go to a clinic today for an xray and urine test

I applied for a job but it didn't go as I had hoped.
Maybe it will work out yet.

Nurse for Sale?
Not really - I can't be bought.
At least you'd have to grant me that much integrity.

Driving home thinking way too much...

A stellar ending to an awkward day

And off right away to bed.
Honestly, the headaches I have had 
everyday for about 5 years. 
Except for a period of time a while back -
they suddenly went away.
Quitting coffee - is asking for the headaches to come back.
Begging them.
I know this - I worry too much....
And that's a shame because I once had such
trust and confidence.

Hope your day is great!


  1. You look great Anne, sorry you are having a bit of a rough time right now. Hang in there sweetie.
    Love you....:-) Hugs

  2. Those are gorgeous shots of the sunset. Wow.

    I'm sure something will break for you soon. I will send you success thoughts and karma.

    You got a handle on your health, you can succeed at anything. :)

  3. Those sunset photos are absolutely gorgeous - thank you for sharing..

    ..(((hugggssss))) to you, hoping your headaches and troubles go away soon...

  4. That photo is spectacular...puffy clouds and lovely sunset. "Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." Benjamin Franklin

    Do you really have to quit coffee? I hear it's not too bad for you :-)

  5. Wow, those skies are breathtaking.

    Hope the job situation works out for you. The headache situation, too. Worrying might bring back them, as well, not just the coffee. So, reeeelaaax.


  6. *whispers*

    Im so so sorry about your aching head. Have you read chocolate & vicodin?
    oh wait. I may have an early copy.
    let me know if it's not out yet.


  7. Happy Birthday to Kyle, Ann you may still get the job yet.I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you. really. the sunsets so divine. Try not to worry, I know it is easier said than done....live each day, one at a time. hugs to you.

  8. Your photos are extraordinary! Here's hoping the headaches won't be back and you can feel as great as you look!

  9. Beautiful sunset pictures. And beautiful cake! Yikes.

    Hope you get the job.

    And hope those darn headaches leave you alone. Silly for me to ask but have you seen a doctor?

  10. Those are amazing skies. Gluck with the second job you little workaholic. :)

  11. Kyle is a big boy for only being four!

    Gorgeous pictures, Anne. Chin up. I'm sorry you are feeling down.

  12. Great pictures of the sky! And Kyle's cake looks yummy.

    Hope things are better for you today.

  13. oh Roxie that was a good line about Kyle only being 4 hee hee!

    I get the cake for one's birthday but the pack of Marlboro cigarettes underneath validates that being a nurse doesn't mean we walk the talk.

    Just cuz we have all the information doesn't mean doing it right is easy. Oh the patience to live this human existence. One day at a time-Thanks Anne for showing us its all about one day or more precisely one choice at a time.

    For now I will enjoy that sunset. Thank You for the gift.
    Feel Better Girl!

  14. Hey. Im feeling down in the dumps myself today; so at least you're not alone. The dumps stink dont they?! Im also mistrustful, in general. Not sure exactly what you meant by that closing remark about how you used to have such trust and confidence and maybe Im just looking for us to be in a parallel universe!
    Anyway, sorry you're feeling down and hope that your outlook and skies brighten up and look as beautiful as the photos here. HUGS!

  15. Anne, to me- you rock! If I had nurses like you around, life would be soooo much fun!! This year is going to be amazing! Take a deep breath in. I try replacing coffee with hot water. A lot of it. Continuously. Running to the bathroom all the time keeps my headache (and weight probably) in check. :D You-- stay fun!

  16. #1, you look great! #2, LOVE the sky pics!

    - Lisa

  17. Sorry about your aching head. Try to trust and not be afraid. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous sunset with us. I needed that as it has been sort of gloomy here.

  18. Poor pups...headaches are a drag. Magnesium? A John Candy movie with popcorn and or chocolate? A walk outside? Make a playlist of your favorite songs? I want you to feel better.

  19. I'm sorry about the headaches- they can be so frustrating. I go through spurts when I get them every day and have them all day long, too. No fun. :( Feel better!

  20. Happy Birthday Kyle!! Hope the head feels better soon.

  21. Hope today is better for you. Beautiful sunset though, you always seem to capture the beauty of the day, love that about you. Hope things turn out like you want them to. *hugs*

  22. Anne, your evening sky photos are stunning!!

    I know you've tried to find the cause of the headaches... duh, being a nurse. I wish I could offer a simple fix, like what worked for me. I had frequent migraines for years, til I discovered my hormones were off, and after starting on a natural thyroid prescription (Armour) they disappeared. Not one since. I dearly wish it could be that easy for you. I hope they don't return!!


  23. worry too much
    think too much
    can't consume
    as a cure anymore

    trying to control
    trying to push away
    looking at that
    on my current post

    does it relate
    are we poking
    the same subject

  24. yay to no more headaches! it was prolly that "monster" you gave up.

  25. Beautiful picture of your drive home!

    I've always had head aches, and I feel for you :(
    It's a very REAL concern you have, caffeine and head aches! But you did it smart, and didn't stop the caffeine all at once one day, just little by little... so I hope that will help your body adjust and maybe the head aches will stay away?!?!?!
    Best Wishes to you!

  26. Here's a head massagey: ::::rub, rub, rub::::Better?

    That's a gorgeous, gorgeous sky. I love those sunset time skies that have color and levels and that wonderful pensive feeling that comes over.

    Just think about beautiful skies and may lots of gorgeous doors open for ya! All pain free!

  27. Oh Anne, I feel for you with the constant headaches. Would a titch more caffeine help? Maybe just a cup of coffee? I hate to see you feeling so low. Hugs.

  28. I hope those headaches go and you feel better soon, Anne. Sorry you're feeling low.

  29. Looking good, Anne! Beautiful photos too!

    I hope you get the job if it's right for you. They'd be lucky to have you on board!


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