21 January 2011

good and cold in Tejas

Tex Mex LoCarb:
Hamburger meat with onions, guacamole, 
sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese,
picante sauce, pork rinds (for chips) .... about 8 - 10 carbs 
for all you could care to eat!

If they are so cross, 
it's probably best that they don't stop!

Senior Horse Food

Boost Yer Rabbit - right here - boost yer rabbits!
As if they really need boosting....

So I ask the guy, "What is a Horse Cube?"
He says "It's a cube for horses!"
Of course. How silly of me.

All day every day. Work zones everywhere!

Some one left some one some flowers!
How cool is that!

First floor - ladies scrubs...
Second floor - mezzanine...

Alison all bundled up

Darn cold weather here in North Texas - DFW area!
We actually had to wear coats today!
Stay warm and dry and 
happy and safe and loved!


  1. I wonder if the person who left the flowers on that car is the same person who bashed it all in?? Perhaps he or she was one of those cross drivers (with a strong remorse reflex!).
    I love your pics :-) Keep warm!!!

  2. You are right it is f-ing cold here today. That wind is cutting, but I guess I can't complain since it is 10x worse in Minnesota apparently. And damn that Tex Mex looks goooooood. Those roses will stay nice and fresh outside today! That was so nice of someone...I guess chivalry isn't totally dead and rotting. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  3. We are about -6 degree's here in northern illinois today. It's brutal! love the horse cubes lol

  4. That photograph at the end is beautiful!!

  5. I identify with the construction photo. You can get anywhere from our house without going through construction.

  6. Oh my word, if that Tex Mex is an example of eating low carb, then sign me right up! That looks delicious! Love your pictures and your blog!

  7. OH OH OH, that tex mex thing looks just like the kind of thing I go for. I ADORE THAT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Okay, we're having the cold front passing through (gray, rainy), and it's gonna get down to the...hang on to your thermals...the sixties.

    yes, Yes. Miamians will be pulling out sweaters and boots for this baby. Because anytime it goes under 70, we have a good excuse to wear cold weather gear. hahahahhahh

    Not me. I like not sweating.

  8. I am fasting and that first photo is making my stomach rumble!!

  9. I only wore a sweater today. We're in the mid 40's - balmy for these parts in January. :)

    You know, I've never eaten a pork rind. Does this make me unAmerican?

    Are hores cubes like horse chow or something? My cats eat senior cat chow. I don't like to think they age though. I'm in denial.

  10. Ohhhhh, I love that last photo so much. Beautiful!

    Poor Alison! Could she even breathe under that gigantic scarf?

    Hope the weather warms up for you soon!

  11. Rabbit boost is like 5 hour energy shot for varmints?

  12. I'd like to try some of that geriatric horse food, I'm getting older on Sunday and think I may qualify.

  13. So glad to see Alison with her scarf wound around her face. That is the only way I can be out in the cold. Wrap scarf around nose so I don't breathe cold air.

  14. What are you doing in a feed store? Just curious. :) A horse cube is a compressed hay sort of cube. I believe the main ingredient is alfalfa. We rarely bought them (I grew up on a quarter horse ranch in east Texas).

    LOL @ cross traffic. Love the way you see things.

    I'm tired of the cold, Anne. Ready for spring.

  15. It's only -10* now, the warmest it's been all day. -35* when I got up this morning and there was no wind. Looking forward to next week when it's suppose to be in the teens. Sweatshirt weather.
    I really love your pictures. I too haven't ever had pork rinds. What do they taste like, anything like .... well I don't know.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed weekend.

  16. Whew, for a minute I thought the horse cubes were, well, you know...made of horses *eeeeek*

    Great pics!

  17. My grandmother lives in Grand Prairie, I love going there to visit. I'd love to move there but it is too dang hot in the summer!!! Wonderful pictures! That tex mex thing looks great!

  18. That looks like a winter sky-- cold but beautiful.

    Stay warm Anne and have a fun weekend. xo jj

  19. Great photos, Anne. It's really cold here in Minnesota--about 13 below. I've had more than enough of winter this year. BTW--I loved the photo of the "senior horse food"--probably because I'm in the same category now. Oh well, we get discounts at restaurants and movies, and "senior discount day" at Herbergers!

  20. It is freezing here today!! Usually doesn't bother me but this weekend is pushing my buttons :)
    Tex Mex.... Mmmmmmmm


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