26 April 2021

watch it

KavaKava, Melatonin,
Magnesium. Knock out. 
But you can’t take KavaKava 
for more than a few weeks at a time. 
I’ve cut all coffee past 2 pm
(I really only have one small cup in the morning)
And am still trying to cut all fluids and intake 
Past 6 pm. I get up a lot to pee. 
Lol. TMI? Hehehe

The key is deep breathing. 
And movement. 
Up it goes! 
Is HRV just a fad? 
Or is it meaningful?

Apple Watch has a built in App
That can be set to remind you
At various intervals- to deep breathe. 
It is truly an amazing product. 

My dear old Mom 
Would have jumped for joy-
To see such an amazing thing. 

These are called “Activity Rings”
And the goal is to close them. 
Activity, workouts, and standing. 
For the Android people  - 
An Apple Primer. 

For stand times, I also stretch 
And walk in place. 
Just move some blood around. 

I once babysat a dog
And my payment was computer lessons. 
I remember I was awake for 3 days
In complete awe- I even cried a little. 
My teacher was tough. 
I had to do all kinds of Karate Kid stuff
Like identify the parts of the Mother Board
it was went DOS went to Windows 
But not yet GUI. 

I stripped the wires and replaced them
With Heavy Duty ones. 
And a bigger fan. Etc.  

So I learned- like a Boss! 
 But Apple / Mac is the cream de la cream 
By FAR.  

I stood in line at midnight 
To get more RAM  -
I did the upgrade myself. 
1 MB to 5 MB 
And no one could believe 
We could go that far! 
Now look at us. 

ONLY 26 GB? 
Flouncy thing. Lol 

Night Nurse was late 
As usual and I was hungry 
As usual. Hard Boiled Eggs 
As usual. 
Good thing is now I don’t have heartburn.  

Chili. Child’s portion. 
I need more. 

Crap traffic at 9 pm! 
Both directions as far as you can see. 
They do the major construction 
At night so as not to cause delays. 
But that theory isn’t working. 
Even on a Sunday night. 

Vitamin B12 vape pen. 
I feel silly - blowing smoke rings. 
Big CAC today. Calcium test. 

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