12 September 2010

hair today

This is done professionally .....   This I did myself

Of all the things.....
If someone told me one year ago,
That I would have (nearly) reached my weight-loss goals,
And my life would be structured thusly,
I would have  . . . - - - . . . 

So now, here's me giving fashion tips and advice!
On types of permanent hair color.
Blondie types. Of all things! Learning to do hair colour
is like learning to cook - it can set you free!

G is for golden.
V is for violet.
N is for neutral.
A is for Ash.
B is for Blue

Then there are numbers within these groups.
The higher the number, the blonder/lighter.

The kind I like is ION (link)
They have a whole line of everything.
YouTube Video
 Ion Color Numbering System

Think of a base color. And I then add high*lights.
Which are a little lighter.
Then I also add low*lights - which are a little darker.

The garland of flowers is purely optional!

The 40% Hydrogen Peroxide helps prepare the hair 
and allow the color to adhere better.
Especially over darker hair, or grey hair.
45 minutes of that. Give or take.

The tones - (gold, ash, etc) can neutralize, or
cancel out tones opposite in the color wheel.

I put the color on right from the tube, right on over the H2O2.
Or mix it with the Hydrogen Peroxide in one step.
45 minutes of that. Then rinse, and condition.

I put a little high-light color here:
A little low-light color there:
Kinda random patterns.
Not banded or striped; but from root to tip.

High Maintenance?
One of my objections to getting my hair done in 
the first place (it was a gift from my boss)
is the cost of maintaining it. 
By learning to do it myself....
It costs just a few dollars.
(That is, if it looks ok)

Just for grins, I took the on-line sample exam for HairColorists.
I passed already the first time. I KNEW it was 
science like Nursing. pH is everything!

I do my hair colour every 2 weeks. Trying new combinations.
I guess it's the protein - my hair grows really fast!

 In Nursing school, 
we would sneak up and do little procedures on each
other. We were so curious and eager to learn.
People in "beauty school" change hair color every week or so. 
Same thing. It's just not recommended.

But my hair is really strong and healthy.
If anyone wants to come to Dallas, they can tug on my hair as proof.
Just remember - don't hurt Nursie!

Wear gloves and follow the label instructions 
whenever you do anything like this. H2O2 makes heat!
Hydrogen peroxide is very very (very) strong at this strength.
This is what it can do to your skin! Even at 3% dilution!
So 40% is not to be taken "lightly!" 

Just a note: The top picture is the color that 
 the professional stylist gave me to start.
Remember? Here's a link.
I had a freaking near-death experience over it.
Now I love it! Same thing, but now I love it.
(Now I see what different tones can do!)

Had to laugh at myself. What was I thinking? Or not.
Not just a non-scale victory, but a statement about my overall
mental health and outlook.  (And I don't even wear over-alls!)

YouTube Video
Culture Club
PS: No, I don't really want to hurt anyone!

Hope your weekend  wind-up is going nicely!


  1. LOL ... the pacifier picture slays !!! You are a nut, Anne, and I love you for it. xx

  2. I could be wrong, buti see you opening a hair salon in your future. Could it be a health care/Hair Care place all rolled into one??

    You, hair & all, looking great. Hitting goals does allot for a person; apparently it is good for hair too :-)

  3. Looking good, Anne!

    Well done on achieving your goals. Eggsellent!

  4. You look terrific! I love the blondiness and the short spiky cut. I've just gone very short myself and once I got used to it, I love it.

  5. I think your "self-done" color looks amazing!! I tried to color my own hair for years, but never could get it right, so I decided to go natural (all gray). Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think it's my mother! Not crazy about being gray, but just couldn't afford the "every 2 weeks" color at the salon!

  6. I tried to color my hair also, but my belly got in the way... OMG, gross... Looks neat though !!

  7. not for me
    but I love to read about
    the science of it

    even more
    I honor your achievements
    self-done victories

  8. What is your natural hair colour?

  9. Don't think I'm going blond anytime soon lol but thanks for the lesson and love your hair.

  10. I think it looks fab, good for you for trying something new and loving it. thanks for all the info. take care.

  11. I can see it now-- Hair colorist to the stars...
    Happy Sunday, xo jj

  12. Next step is to progress to cutting it yourself with a Flowbee, ha ha ha!


  13. I took pinking shears to my hair,
    but my style guy told me not to anymore.
    So no more self-mutilation of the hair for me.

    My natural color is kinda dark brown with kinda silver
    Here's a link!
    My hair B4

  14. I love the blonde, and I love your short hair style too! I wish I could pull that off. You look fab!

  15. lovin the blonde, you are brave!!! I am a total salon gal!!


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