25 February 2010

sunshine award

From Kelly at Happy Texans!
Who rocks, by the way!

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I never could count! 
The idea is to name 12 people who bring sunshine
into blogging.
This list could go on all day...
The sun never really sets, does it now?

Tried a Venom energy drink.
It was pretty good!
Tried this for lunch - 
it has niacin in it,
and I have never had that
"niacin flush"
people talk about.
Until now, that is.
This is my ear on fire.
This is me thinking to myself
"Why didn't I listen?"
Found out later on Wikipedia that niacin flush is a prostaglandin reaction,
and can be reduced by taking aspirin or ibuprofen.
Right. The ONE day I don't take Advil.

A nice lady in a Smoothie King place gave me 
an Ostrim stick of jerky to try.
Just gave it to me. Still haven't tried it yet.

Monster w/protein
Atkins Bar
Coffee w/ sf hot chocolate
No Creatine today
Venom, Power Shot - 
Hamburger patty plain
One Healthy Dose of Reality
Mix it in a Dream...


  1. Why thank you Miss Anneh! You're right, silly or not, it's fun to get an award. *sunny smile* Sorry about the fiery ears!

  2. It is fun to get an award :)
    Thank you! It's my first LOL so I am quite excited!

  3. ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼
    It's a Sunshine kind of day...
    I saw some geese flying back up north today...
    Spring is thawing out all over!
    Well, not all over- all over....
    There are so many good blogs it is impossible to pick!
    If you like, and you are reading here,
    please join in!
    We're all connected somehow - after all.

  4. Thanks Miss Anne! You bring sunshine and laughter to me too lady!

    There were a few on your list I had not seen so popped on over to check them out - Always on the lookout for good blogs to follow.

  5. OMG, I've tried that Venom too. It's pretty good. not Rock Star good but still....not bad.
    So have you tried Bawls yet? Top shelf of the "New Age" drinks at Target. ;)

    Never heard of the niacin flush but now I'm curious.

  6. DUDE - red streaks and patches went up my arms, legs, trunk,
    Like the world's worst hot flash but without the sweat!
    Pins and needles for almost an hour....
    ...then I kinda liked it....
    Just kidding!

  7. And no, Kelly - I NEED to try me some Bawls.
    Actually, I get told that alot!

  8. Thank you! That's a lovely award to receive :)

    Are you sure your ears weren't burning because of all the people saying nice things about you?
    Oh. You said arms and etc. were burning too. Nevermind.

  9. Anne, I have no idea of some of the things you drink Anne but you look wonderful so I am assuming they are all healthy for you.
    Take care........:-) Hugs

  10. Thank you, Anne, for the sunshine. :) Your blog is like sunshine - a warm & fuzzy treat.

    I sleep wrong on my ears a lot and they turn red and numb. It's annoying. And painful.

    Is Ostrim ostrich? Or is it something new?

  11. lol at the cemetary donut thing....so true.

  12. Such nice thing my blogging peeps have to say about me.
    I am SO glad I had the courage to show my face here.
    I wouldn't have received such nurturing comments.
    Thank you all. If you only knew how shy I really am....

    Bernie - You will never know how much your sweet words mean to me!
    AntGirl - yes it is ostrich and beef jerky.
    cmoursler - hehe - I see the funniest things whilst driving out and about!

  13. Thank you for the award! 'Energy' drinks make me go a bit manic (not necessarily a bad thing!) Must get some diet red bull.... ;o)

  14. Yikes - The energy drinks turned out to be just the ticket for me -
    I drink one (very tall can) all day long!

  15. Well, thank you for the sunshine award. If the geese are headed north, I'm betting they are gonna fly around Iowa...we're still cold and snowy. :)
    The niacin flush looks annoying, to say the least. I'll remember to stay away.

  16. That stuff isn't good for you, is it?? You look so skinny in your face. The close up was priceless.

    I always keep a few Ibuprofen in my purse. Like any good addict!

  17. Thank you, Anne H! It made me smile.. a lot!
    I hope all goes well with your niacin flush.. that looks scary.

  18. Thank you for the award :) I don't know what causes mine but i get the red ear and my face gets soooo red! I put it down to age or menopause trying to start, but so far i've beaten it back!!
    Congrats to everyone on the list, they're all great blogs.


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