09 September 2010

high holidays

Everyone's getting around as best as they can....

Last year's all-weather jacket 
is a wee bit too big on me!

Yep - it's raining (big time)

On and off - here and there -
Mostly "on" and "here"

Lots of flooding - streets were closed -
School kids were evacuated

Brought along extra shoes and socks - 
just in case

CNN reported 15 inches yesterday
Of rain, that is...

Scrambled eggs with cheese and little beef bites...
Lots of Mrs Dash and Chipotle Hot Sauce
And a big mug of rooibos tea on a rainy evening!

Happy Rosh Hashanah, ya'll!
From the Hospice Rabbi
For a good and sweet year!


  1. Oy.. Rain.. Oy...Kills the hair,,

  2. you need a new winter jacket...lol Stay dry.

  3. Time to donate last year's all-weather coat, Anne! That first photo is awesome - would make a great file photo, worthy of selling. Hey, happy new year, back to the Rabbi !!

  4. L'shanah tova! Mmmm....apples and honey. :P

    I heard about the flooding y'all had yesterday. Yikes!! Stay high and dry.

  5. God need only read your blog Anne and His judgement would be that you have served your fellow man/women well.

    Deeds of good will and encouragement are rewarded on Earth as they are in Heaven.

    Happy New Year!

  6. girl, time to go have a shopping spree......weeeeee

  7. Just a wee bit too big, Anne.

  8. Right back at you and the Rabbi! :)

    Yep, time for a new jacket, since that one is like a wrap around shirt!

  9. Raining here, too. You got more rain than us. You made me giggle, as always. Happy Rosh Hashanah!

  10. Nice picture of the hospice rabbi and your nice smile.

  11. hot hot hot
    wet wet wet
    celebrate change

  12. May this be a happy and sweet new year!
    xo jj


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