10 September 2010

spend a day with me

Broody skies from 5 floors up

Breakfast in bed
And Lunch and Dinner, too

A breath of fresh air

Take a ride

Looks like a life saver

The down side 
of laying in bed

The bed and mattress are here

Make good choices today

'Cuz we'll be carrying it around for the next few years
Up and down and all around - mind the stairs!

Talking to myself - and actually listening!
Got big plans for the weekend?
Enjoy safe snacks!
(I never grow tired of hearing that!)


  1. Talking to yourself should be easier.

    No plans this weekend. Not yet anyhow.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Who is the pooch?

    Bed sores look so extremely painful!

    Weekend plans - enjoying the weather!

  3. That's Annie -she lives two doors down from me.
    Can't get up and down the stairs - weenie dog!

  4. Breakfast in bed...thanks, but no thanks. And the "looks like a lifesaver," is a life saver ...lol. Peanut Butter Cup Pie and Snickers Pie...sometimes I'm glad to be a Canadian...well, always, but we (friends and I) often whine about the things we cannot get that are in the States...those two "treats" are not what we whine about.

  5. Ouch, those sores look awful, I wish I could do the same, I would probley get fired!!! grocery store from the inside.... News at 11 eeeks!!!

    Karla @ myweighin2010@blogspot.com

  6. Hi Anne ~ heading to the apple orchard on Saturday morning to pick some fruit. How is THAT for working for my treat? LOL Send some of that rain our way - we haven't seen any in a month. xx

  7. Hello Anne!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and especially for crossing your fingers :)

    I look forward to following you (and seeing more great pictures)!!!

    I hope that bed and everything isn't for you... I'm guessing (and a little help from Bobs comment lol) that these were taken at your place of work?

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. Broody skies, indeed...
    sets tone for other picture
    too close to home
    for comfort

  9. I get the hint -
    "Don't Let This Happen To You!"
    Or me - or you!
    Your talking to me, too, nurse!


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