01 September 2010

out and about

Flags - American style

Buildings - Dallas style
Ah - back in the big city!


The last blooms o' summer?

The hard-core  (steel-cut) oat meal people meet here 
for their morning "fix"

The Cop Box / Eye in the Sky
They have more and more of these around

What are they hauling?

Think pink!
For all your propane needs.

Mmmm. Tepid coffee!
Haven't had anything but iced coffee
since the heat wave began!

Office sweet - suites ... people in offices eat all the time!
I think it's all they do. In this case, Popeye's chicken w/red beans and rice.

YouTube video
The Old Apartment
Bare Naked Ladies
And then, there's this:
Yesterday's hit and run comment-
I already took it down.
But it can mess with a blogger's mind.

*I know he's just a hater...
It's even worse when you get 
hit-up in the comment section
by an accusatory friend!*


Turns out I'm a celebrity...of sorts.
Yesterday, it didn't phase me at all.
Late, late last night - not so much!

I went through a little episode of self-doubt...
Even "nose tweaking" -  sorta like this:
Does anyone think I'm hideous? And fat?"
The old self-doubting thing.
Bad timing, too. Pretty soon, projection.

So I took my own best advice. 
Broke the cycle. Re-learned the triggers.
Reviewed the situation. Got some good sleep. 
And woke up - all better! Smile


  1. Who the "F" does he think he is? Don't let the asshats get you down.

    Good for you on dealing with this appropriately. It's his crap, not yours. Just because it was tossed your way doesn't mean you have to catch it. Just take a side-step and let it fall to the ground.

    You, your blog, your pictures, your dancing, your life is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. Those who don't share those sentiments are welcome to find other places to peddle their wares.

  2. Uuugghhh. Nothing worse than idiots who need to put others down to make themselves feel good!

    I love your blog.

  3. Ever get to Las Colinas ?? I need me some pix of my old stomping grounds...

  4. He commented on my weigh-in post yesterday. He's a blanket hater, Anne. Don't give it a second thought. I just figured he is either a kid, or a very immature young "adult," just looking for a reaction. Why bother?

  5. Trolls, eh? Who needs 'em? Because, let's face it, that's all he is...

  6. just a bully that one--pisses me off AND he used the Sherlock Holmes imagery--luv me some Sherlock but not that jerk... YOU ROCK ON SISTA!

  7. Great picture of the American flag with trees on either side and gorgeous sky in the background. The Cereal Bar looks like a good place to eat. We would eat there if we lived there. The Cop Boxes are like lifeguard stands only mobile and with the Popo. Cool. Wow, the picture of you holding your coffee in the truck is a really nice picture, do you see that??? Don't I know it the people in offices tend to eat and eat and still eat more. Pot lucks, office lunches, birthday cakes, and on an on. I do not miss that part of office jobs.

  8. What an ass. Sorry he got to you, even if for a moment. Amazing what people will say under the anonymity of the internet.

    Now, about those cop boxes...I notice them every time we head up your way. What are they looking for? Speeders? Thieves? So confused!

  9. I was ready to call him out!
    All he really did was expose my own self-doubt and fears.
    Just there, under the surface.
    It's always there - just sometimes I am more aware of it.
    Sometimes I block it out. Sometimes, it's really OK.

    I know this is why people lash out.
    The hate and fear is intolerable, and must be projected.
    Correction - not punishment?
    If one is a dream, the other is a nightmare!

  10. Thanks for showing us how to take a punch and keep on dancing. Those boxing / belly dancing lessons are paying off...you are such a quick learner and the kindest Spirit I know.

  11. I've heard from other bloggers that he's left nasty comments on their blogs :( What an as$%ole!

  12. Honey, there are asses everywhere. You can't let them bother you. I know it's easier said than done but look at how many people here love ya. Don't let that booger-eating moron get to ya.

  13. At least you're a celebrity, Anne. You are famous to me anyway. That cereal bar looks interesting and the last blooms of summer...divine.

  14. You take great pictures (of places and yourself!) I am glad that you were able to process your feelings last night and deal.

  15. That guys is a total putz and well known for his Bull Sh-- in blogland. Everybody hates him. His sole purpose in life is to get a rise out of people. Pretty sorry if you ask me. Shame on him.

    I hope that's not why you posted "a moment of silence" today.

    xo jj

  16. No -
    A popular blogger has recently died,
    and I just found out.
    That moment of virtual silence was for him.
    Funny how you get to know some people
    "behind the scenes."
    E*mails, contests, etc.
    Bless his sweet heart. And yours.

  17. a moment of silence
    for a friend who died

    I didn't know
    yet felt on that blank page
    a twinge of sadness
    as a long sigh fell from my lips
    and I wondered why

    a moment of silence
    is a very good thing
    thank you and bless you

  18. I just discovered steel cut oats. Yum. Great for MN winters. Michele

  19. I missed the troll-drama but dont let it get you down. You are awesome, and anyone who needs to bash another publicly (ok even on the internets!!) has issues. I mean come on!!!!


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