25 September 2010

my fair lady

All I want is a grill some we-ah (where)

Far away from the cold night air

Wiff one enormous salad -
Oh wouldn't it be lover-ly!
Lots of fried apples for me to eat

Lots of fings that are oh- so sweet

To take good care of me
Oh - wouldn't it be lover-ly!
Fried an apple in cinnamon and butter....
Talk about autumn good!
And a little taste-test on the sweeteners.
Meh - it's a draw!
What are your favorite sugar-free subs?
Hope your weekend is everything good!


  1. Never thought to do this with apples, sure beats bobbing for them. hope you are well my friend, think of you often. hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. The fish looks delish. The apples look (what rhymes with apples) ? Looks great

  3. Is that a square plate, or a tile? Either way, it's loverly, luv!

    And now I want fried apples! Fortunately, we just bought 2 Fuji's from this years new crop. Now where's that butter and cinnamon. Is it dinnertime yet?

    Oh.. I've found the BEST tasting sweetener is always a combination of 2 or more. Somehow, that cancels out any negatives from each, and I just end up with "sweet".

    And for things that are real wet, like yogurt, tea, etc, I'll add a drop of EZ-Sweet. It's a liquid in a tiny squeeze bottle (from Netrition). It seems expensive, but 2 drops is very sweet in say, a medium glass of water, or a serving of yogurt. And no granular texture since it doesn't need to dissolve.

    I use the same quartet in your photo, plus the EZ-Sweet, and pure stevia white powder extract (a lot cheaper than Truvia, if you use it a lot in cooking or gallons of ice tea).

    Off to cook my apples... very Autumn-y. :-)


  4. I am pretty Bohemian - true!
    But that is a paisley plate from Bed Bath and Beyond.
    Not a tile square!
    I once said it was for serving square meals.
    That was way back in the day!

  5. I love using glycerit (liquid stevia) along w/the ones you have listed. My daughter loves Fiberfit.

    I found a recipe for an apple sort of cobbler made with zucchini! I hope to try it soon :)

  6. I am a fan of agave nectar, but that would be my crunchiness coming out.

  7. I'm a fan of Liquid Stevia. A total convert. No waiting for powder to dissolve - or not. No accidental, icky lumps of sweetener ending up ruining your dish. Comes in flavors too - vanilla creme for coffee, lemon for iced tea. Love the stuff!

  8. I need new plates!! I just use the pink, blue and yellow sweetner packets

  9. Never had fried apples, sounds VERY good! I'll have to try that!
    LOVED your vlog, can't wait for the next in the series! :)

  10. I'm a sweetnlow girl (pink package) for cofffe, but use brown sugar splenda for cooking. I have a new microwave and saw a recipe for "baked apples"..I googled it so that would be more exact to find the "actual" one. It was
    easy and the results were good . I put about a taplespoon or 2 , depending on taste, of healthy smart margarine, 1/2 tsp of brown sugar splenda and melted in microwave with a couple of shakes of apple pie spice. Slice up apple and stir it up in the melted mix till pretty well mixed. Microwave about 3to 4 minutes. Frying it up looks good too,but I've never done that.

  11. OH thats something Ive been lamenting over--APPLES!!! Right now Im not eating fruits, and my most favorite favoritest apple of all, maybe even fruit of all is about to be in season. I adore Cortland apples and you can only get them here from end of Sept thru Halloween or so. *sigh* I might have to make a couple of exceptions--fried in butter with cinnamon sounds so great, and I have only tried splenda as a sweetener thus far!
    Oh and your fish looks--delish!

  12. After making those autumn apples I bet your apartment smells fabulous.

  13. Fun catching up with you today, Anne!

    Lately, I've been using (and enjoying) the NuNaturals brand liquid stevia extract(s). A winner in my book.

    Hope your Sunday rocks!

  14. Agave nectar ... even some flavored ones (depends upon what I am using it for) - a natural sweetner (a very little bit does the job) that doesn't create a blood sugar spike like refined sugar, etc. --- I bake a peeled apple with cinnamon and fresh nutmeg, and a bit of juice (no butter). Yum!

  15. fried apples! never heard of that before!
    Fish looks amazing!

  16. Oh wundernt it be luvverly...luvverly...LuVerLeY!!!

    Love it
    Love You

    Thank You


  17. Yes, my Friend - She!
    I thought of you when I wrote and posted this!
    Hugs from across the Big Pond!

  18. I think Truvia tastes the best, but I like Splenda just fine and use it whenever I need larger quantities since it's so much cheaper. And I never buy it without a coupon.

    There's store-brand Splenda out there now, which I might have to try very soon.

    Oooh, fried apples. I usually just buy "No Sugar Added" apple pie filling in a can and zap a little in the microwave, but I think the season might require something a little more home-made. Looks delicious!


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