28 September 2010

collie flower

Chop up some collie-flower
The hat helps, if you have one...

Boil it until tender
You - and the veggies!

Colander it until strained
No real strain for us!

Mash it up a bit
Not too mushy!

Add some butter and seasoning
Well seasoned, thank you!

The super-deluxe treatment
We deserve it!

Tastes like mashed potatoes!
Yum - me!

If you haven't tried this,
why haven't you?

You've got nothing to lose, but the zillion carbs!
I'm just sayin'......

No collies, or flowers were hurt in the making of this post!
The search for the Lost Foodie Tribe continues...
with a  journey through a dangerous corridor
Another really silly YouTube Video!
How's your week going?
Me? Thanks for asking!
Onward and downward!


  1. OOOO I love cauliflower, so no doubt will do that to it! Though I love just drizzling tasty cheese on the top when it's hot! YUM YUM. And I do have hat... somewhere! lol

  2. That is yummy. Have you made them into a patty, lightly cover in bread crumbs and fry in olive oil?? To die for :0)

  3. Holy cow that sounds good! Am definitely trying that soon! And I love the hat! ;-)

  4. Now I am going to buy cauliflower next time a grocery shop and give it a try! Thanks. Great videos too.

  5. I like the cauliflower idea, but I LOVE the "Lost Foodie Tribe" videos! Cracks me UP!!!

  6. That's a great idea! Yum! I have that same collander but in red. :)

  7. We eat cauliflower about once a week. We steam flowerettes in micro and put some cheese on to melt, usually pepperjack or cheddar. Yum.

  8. Collie pieces tossed in oil and spices and a little salt, then roasted in the oven til brown and crisp is dam fine too!

  9. I do this too
    but add cream cheese
    and Parmesan cheese
    rather than butter

    don't try to use
    a potato masher
    ooooh noooooo
    it just doesn't work

    like your hat

  10. I showed hubby you with your collie flower lol he laughed. he said no collie for him thanks lol.

  11. I will try this as well, it looks delicious. Hugs:-)

  12. Will try it! Even though I don't have the hat...
    LOVE the video! Oh the suspense!!! :)

  13. I am going to try it with Laughing Cow and Parmesan, after reading some of the comments.... I usually throw away the collie flower, not a huge fan, but heck I will give it a whirl

  14. I LOVE cauliflower! Just had a collie, broccoli w/real bacon pieces salad (just add your favorite mayo to the steamed veggies: YUMMO).

    It happened to be the only side dish I could eat at the office party at work today :)

  15. I think I could write a book... 365 Ways to Cook Cauliflower!

    I LOVE Mashed Cauli-tators. I strain and press out the water VERY thoroughly, use a combo of butter, sour cream and/or cream cheese, sea salt and pepper, and any other additives I'm in the mood for... like chives, garlic, parmesan, etc. Yummo!

    MP3, PDQ... ha ha ha... .loved this episode of the Lost Foodie Tribe. :-D


  16. I dig that hat, what little we can see of it - more hat please!

  17. ...reading some of your older posts.... You CRACK ME UP!


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