06 September 2010

happy labor day

Hey - where ya going?

Must be a Labor Day Parade!
I didn't know I lived on a Parade Route!

Yummy breakfast on the veranda!

Now comes lunch!
Two kinds of pasta sauce

Home-made Tomato Sauce
This can and ground chuck + garlic 

Chicken Alfredo Sauce
This jar and one can chicken + garlic

and really good butter

Gluten- Free Bread - not too shabby!

Fried on the stove burner *bachelor* style!
That's why I'm single!

Never mind all that.... it was sooooo good!

Two "Yums" Up!
Hope your Labor Day is (and was) great!


  1. We need to teach you some Cooking skills, with a capital C...Jars of sauce....Hmm

  2. That would be cool having a parade go by for lunch. Looks like a good time to me. Cool bread grill swirls lol.

  3. Allan, usually I eat right from the can!
    (*Hobo style* as it has been called)
    So I actually am improving!

  4. So glad you are having a great day, I love this long weekend, the weather is perfect and lots of Sports happening......:-) Hugs

  5. Looks like your having a fun day!

  6. Yum. Looks good. I've done the same with tortillas on a stove burner. Love that burned goodness.

    True confession: I love Chef Boyardee with the little meatballs...right out of the can. Tsk!

  7. Oooooh la la
    you've given me such a great idea
    haven't made it in eons
    labor day labor
    trip to the store
    jar of sauce
    (yep me too)
    but add a bunch of veggies
    Oregon country beef
    and some Kielbasa
    gotta get goin...

  8. Two yums up, lol. I think we should call this Un-labour day, cuz I haven't laboured very much today. Thanks for your e-mail. You are the best...to say the least.

  9. I never thought about using Alfredo sauce, we will try that next week.

  10. How cool you live on a parade route! I get hospital helicopters flying over. No, not close to the same.

    Two yums, huh? That's an endorsement. :D

  11. Man I am so hungry...sipping on my water now.

  12. Enjoyed the day in pictures, Anne, but I had a question. I don't understand the one carb label. What do they mean by "digestible carbs" and "protected carbs?"

  13. The Bertolli Afredo sauce in a jar gets two yums up?? Hmm, will have to try that one.

    Yay for Dreamfields and parades. :-)

  14. You are so funny!!!!! A cook, you're not! ;) Even the toast looks bad! How did you ever get overweight cooking like that???? :)

    We had a Labour Day (correct spelling of course) parade in our community today too.

  15. Well, ya know, here in Tejas, they fry everything on the burner.
    Bologna, tortillas, bread (with butter already on it)

    By the way, I served the toast
    in a coffee cup filled with melted butter.

    And of course Chef Boy-ar-dee right from the can.
    Cold. Like Tena said - a Texas staple!

    And I got heavy by eating with my good friends
    Jack (in the Box,)
    Wendy's (everyone knows it's Wendy's)
    And Mickey D!

  16. I've never heard of protected carbs! I'll have to check it out.

  17. hope you had a nice time with your friend!


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