26 September 2010

dr living stone, I presume

After years of (somewhat) fearless hunting 
and tracking the elusive habits 
of the members of the Foodie Tribe,
I do believe I have finally made some progress.

Seen here in their natural habitat.

This video "Mocumentary"
chronicles my efforts here,
at a local watering hole.

Be vewwy quiet - I'm hunting Foodies!
Hope you are having an A++ day!
All the best to You!


  1. Two thumbs up! this was funny... pieces of paper imprinted with mythological beliefs... an antique cake... LOL!

    I'll be watching for the sequel, Mocumentary II. Then III. Then of course, the Prequel. Then the Making of. Oh, and we can't forget the Out-takes. And a tv series... I wonder who will play You??


  2. Thou art dipping into the thorazine quite a bit. Lots of fun to watch on this cool Sunday morning. Kept me riveted...

  3. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. You crack me up. hehe I love these videos. :)

  5. LOVE IT!!!! This made my night :)

    You be careful... it's a jungle out there. You know that gesture, may be just a harmless defense mechanism for the species... but sometimes it indicates it's about to strike!!! Have your foodie mace ready just in case... they may have young near by, making them increasingly dangerous!!!!!

    ps: thank you so much for your comment :)

  6. Foodie mace - would that be Assault and Pepper Spray?

  7. Loved watching this!!! Can't wait for the next one.


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