29 September 2010

up the hill (again)

An early start - as usual

Food adjustments are not a false-start PER SE ...
I just don't always know just how far to cut back.

Will moderation and modification be the new norm for me?
It is a distinct possibility! 
(Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Turns out, the answer is almost always the same one...

It's like starting over each time - each day, for me.

A kind of dietary absurdism. And
I'm finally ok about that! A happy Sisyphus.
(I've been called worse!)

It feels like a perpetual state of "Back to Basics"
With very little deviation. Just do what works best!
[Read as: very little cheating, if any]

*this just in* the REAL reason this bothers me, 
is that food was always much more than just food to me.
But now, it can lose the "specialness" without losing the joy!


Ready to eat... preparing "food at hand"
A zip-lock bag filled with chunks of 4 different types of cheese
A ready-made bag of salad and hard-boiled eggs

OK - ready!  (Again)
Now, to choose "again" takes on new meaning!

Maybe real progress is sometimes made when 
we stay in a rudimental "first position..." 
And are more open to learning, and feedback.  More attentive - 
with a "beginner's mind."  More humble? Listening more?
With no judgement of what "should be," or expectation 
of what we think is best for ourselves. 

As if we would really know what is best for ourselves.

We do, and we don't - or we wouldn't have a problem!
Weight is not the problem - it's maybe the conflict 
about the weight (and the food) that is my problem.

Grilled chicken breast sliced onto salad
(Chews again?)

The onions were grilled too...
marinated in lime juice and chipotle.. At least
yummy menu items like this are not a "bad" compromise!

compromise  =  with + promise
(lest we forget!)
Hope your day is going well!
Drink it in. Eat it up!


  1. Off again today - lots of fun things planned!
    What's on your agenda for today?
    Something fun, I hope!

  2. OH I LOVE THIS as it is so flipping true
    every day is a new start and a new beginning
    in a GREAT and sometimes exhausting way.


  3. A new start ? "What is his name". That would impress me...Loves ya lots..

  4. Favorite line: Chews again!

    Girl just when I think you couldn't be more clever :)

  5. Not to worry Allan, my friend!
    With the exception of a few mutual crushes,
    I've been celibate for many years!
    And after this last one, I've re-affirmed my vows!

  6. celibate vows are made for breaking ;)

    loved this post (as always), and the salad looked yummo, i LOVE grilled chicken salads nom nom

  7. It always amazes me what goes on in your cute little head of yours every time I open your blog. How do you think of such clever things to post? Way cool!

  8. each day a new beginning
    blessing us with freshness
    first position
    open to the beginning again

    don't quite understand your formula
    compromise = with + promise
    want to elucidate a bit?
    I'll check back later

    while you're at it...
    I'm curious about where you're going
    so early in the beautiful sunrise sky

  9. My pleasure, PeacefulBird!
    I wanted to study language and code as my first choice in the Army
    --even before I picked Nursing!

    Compromise: mutual promise to abide by an arbiter's decision, from Anglo-French compromisse, from Latin compromissum, from neuter of compromissus, past participle of compromittere to promise mutually, from com- + promittere to promise — more at promise

    Here's a LINK

  10. Chewsy people lose weight.

    Hope the day is a fun one for you!

    My youngest nephew came to visit Dad in the hospital last week. One of the nurses (and only one) wore the more traditional nurse garb - not the multi-colored variety. My nephew pointed at the nurse, and said, "Look, Grampa! The boss is coming!" To which my father repled, "The doctor is the boss, Sam." Sam's reply? "No, Grandpa. The nurse does all the work and the doctor just stays out of her way. It is just like at home. Dad thinks he is the boss, but we know it's really Mom. Dad is just the pretend boss."

    Aaaaaaaaahhh ... slay me! That was SO funny!!

    Not too sure the doctor would like to know he's the "pretend boss" ... but when a five year old decides the nurse is really the go-to person, what does THAT say? hehehe

    So, OWN the day, Anne!!

  11. Grrreat!

    I knew a Nurse once- the family was really mean.
    The Nurse said "These people think I must be God!"
    "Why?" I asked.
    Her reply was "Every time I go in the room,
    they say 'Oh, God!' "


    And by the way, today I am going a-milking!
    There is an dairy cow farm place that sells raw milk
    Tight here in town...
    And I am going to watch them milk Miss Bossey!
    Or Elsie - we haven't met yet, so I'm not sure about the names!

  12. Simply Mooooo-velous! Have an utterly good time. Don't let them steer you in the wrong direction ... and don't forget the most important thing ... eat more chicken!

  13. Finally returned to check
    Thanks for reply about "compromise"
    Feeling much better now
    about this word

  14. Grilled Onions... I could eat a plate full of just those. But my wife wont let me.


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