03 September 2010


So we're all in it for the
Long Hall.....
(Note the light at the end of the tunnel!)

Cleaning the windows of our lives, so we can see out again.
Let in some Light! And others can see in...
Or at least catch a glimpse...
(And no, I'm not peeking in your dang dirty ol' window -
It's a metaphor, actually...)

How quickly we forget that this....
mmmmm monster on the veranda!

...can quickly become this mess,
if left on it's own.... unchecked...
(True dat - all this from my truck!)

Here's me - parking side-ways to display my belligerence!
I'll show 'em! Ya can't tell meh what to do!

Hey! How's that working for ya?
Hold on - gotta go move my truck.

How can I better fit the rules to serve my needs?
You know, rules don't apply to me "per se"

Junk Overboard!
Been awhile since the last good cleaning?
Well friend, that's too long!
Laundry, dishes, you name it.
It all got washed today. Or put up. 
Or thrown out. Or given away!

*Pictures to follow? Let's not push it!
I'm good, but not that good!*

No-wrap Roll-up
Some deli-sliced ham +
pepper j*ck cheese + sharp cheddar +
and cream cheese = no-wrap roll-ups!
Hey! I just made up a phrase!

YouTube Video
"Paint Your Wagon"
The Simpsons
A dog walks into a town. It's back in the Gold Rush Days.
He's dressed in black - and had a dressing/wrap on one foot.
Made him kinda walk with a limp. 
He slings open the doors to the saloon.
The townspeople gasp - and run for cover.
"I'm looking for the man..."
*wait for it*
"Who shot my paw!"
Hope You Are Having the time of your life....
Cuz after all, this IS the time of your life!
Not a dress rehearsal?


  1. Still cleaning!
    The energy didn't come from monster drinks!
    Just regular old coffee w/cream.
    And pure motivation.
    Go figure!

  2. Good morning Anne,

    Hope everything is sparkly in your world today.

    Happy Friday!

  3. You just reminded me I need to stop reading blogs and clean my house!

  4. Knocked off the KP duty a little after midnight -
    didn't want to upset the neighbors!
    Got some good, quality shut eye -
    rain makes for good sleeping weather!
    Woke up to a cleaner, exonerated version of the
    world I left behind yesterday!

  5. Sound rejuvinated. Love a good clean out!

  6. I literally LOL'ed at "in it for the long hall", ha, ha!!! And your no wrap roll ups look so delish! Love your pics!

  7. I really need to do some cleaning :)

  8. Howdy, Anne, my no/low carb friend. Here is a roll-up recipe that may fit in with your dietary preference. Give it a try, and let me know what you think. It makes A LOT, so reduce/adjust or store/refrigerate as necessary. Mix 2 pkg (8 oz each) cream cheese, 1 envelope ranch salad dressing mix, 2-3 jalapeno peppers (finely diced), and a jar (2 oz) of diced pimientos, drained. Spread this mixture over your ham slices (or roast beef slices, which is my favorite for this recipe). Roll up tightly and wrap each in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 1 hour (or longer). Unwrap and either eat like this, or cut each into pieces for something more like bite-sized appetizers. I do not personally use the jalapeno seeds (too hot for me), but you deal with that to your taste. And NO, I can't eat this right now on my current diet, but enjoy it for the both of us! xx

  9. YOu sure love Monster. Do you have shares in the company. Come towards the light...we have Monster drinks there. I like the No Parking, per se...that isn't on the signs in our townhouse complex, but people think it is :-)

    Good day, Anne.

  10. Yummy, Miss Ann of the Challenge!
    I am only a transported Texan.
    Born in Kansas, but I got here as quick as I could!
    Alas, I cannot eat the jalapeno seeds either!

  11. Junk overboard... toss out the windows & you won't have to clean it; just a thought

  12. First time here, smiled all the way through your post, thanks.

  13. You know-I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel (of the hall) the first time!

    Hmmm...'The light at the end of the tunnel is there whether I see it or not' -true, very true.

    I say we have: lots of hope, lots of laugh, lots of life! Have a great weekend Anne:)

  14. LOL Love the dog joke.

    Wow, you were industrious.

  15. I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, good to know it is true!!!

  16. Night Night Anne...thanks for making me smile. Hope your day was great too!

  17. Good way to start your holiday weekend

    Clean house = clean slate

    Is it catching?
    I hope

  18. Hey Anne, Maybe it's time I try a Monster Drink or coffee-- I could sure use some of your energy to hit the cleaning chores. Ugh. I'm running on empty these days.

    Hope your Friday was a grand one and you're feeling good surrounded by everything clean :-)

    Happy weekend. jj

  19. The first photo reminded me of this old Cracker song, "I See the Light".

    "I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Someone please tell me it's not a train."


    Hope you have a splendid weekend, Anne!


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