29 September 2010

on the beam

From AA
The Recovery Beam

Acceptance ..... Rejection
Honesty ..... Dishonest
Faith ..... Fear
Courage ..... Frightened
Considerate ..... Inconsiderate
Humility ..... Pride
Giving ..... Greedy
Calm ..... Anger
Grateful ..... Envy
Patience ..... Impatient

Tolerance ..... Intolerant
Forgiveness ..... Resentment
Love ..... Hate
Self-Forgetfulness ..... Self-pity
Humility ..... Self-justification
Modesty ..... Self-importance
Self- Forgiveness ..... Self-condemnation
Trust ..... Suspicion
Moderation ..... Gluttony
Action ..... Sloth

So much applies to our journey as well!
Cuz it's never just about the food.

Blue October
Jump Rope
Hope your week is stellar!


  1. Oh crap, here come the drinkers to invade the blog...I need a drink...

  2. Being addicted to food is way down in the emotional realm. The recovery groups deal with drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping, but I haven't seen any real recovery groups about food addiction. OA is not at least any meetings I went to.

  3. Um, yeah that's me on the right...

    Polar's Mom

  4. "On the beam" ?? I thought, "Anne is either writing a blog about whiskey or gymnastics." As it turns out - neither! Puts an entire new meaning to "Beam me up, Scotty," doesn't it?

    Live long and prosper!

  5. You know Anne, I loved this today. I even lifted my arms up and down while listening, thanks for you message on my blog. I hope you have a great week. hugs

  6. Anne,

    The Serenity Prayer (the long version) is one of my favorites. It's quite beautiful. The intention is good to focus on even if you're not religious or struggling with addiction, IMO.

    No preaching here! Just chiming in and visiting an old friend. :-)

  7. I've never read the Recovery Beam before... very interesting.
    Especially: self-forgiveness, self-condemnation.

    That one stuck out to me, since a friend who is struggling and regained some weight is beating herself to a pulp over it. We wouldn't dream of doing to others what we do to ourselves!

    Thanks for that list,


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