30 September 2010

lucky layla

Saw this sign for "raw" milk!
Driving around town - doing visits....

Went back for the info - it's true!
Went back for a tour on my day off.
The towns grew in and around this little dairy farm

This is where little miss Bessy or Bossy or Layla gets milked

All modern, of course. And the cows love it.
So they say. Well, they come to the milking voluntarily, 
so I guess they might want to unload all that milk!

This family-owned dairy has Jersey Cows and Guernsey Cows,
Not Holsteins (black and white cows)

The cows have been winning awards since the 1960's
Kow-a-rama 2009
Put that in your pipe and schmoke it!

These cows have certain enzymes that are more like goat milk.
That is how they are different from Holsteins.
And they are (mostly) grass fed! People who are lactose intolerant can
usually have this raw, unpasteurized, un-homogenized milk.

The cows are happy and docile, I'm told. They are also boney and
kinda skinny - hips and ribs are showing. They are not a muscular cow.
Each cow gives about 5 gallons of milk per milking.

Got some milk - it was very rich!
Cream was at the top 6 inches of the carton.

This is "yogurt cheese" - as thick as cream cheese, kinda sweet, tangy.
One carb per serving = one loving spoonful. *Yum!*
It was fun, fun, fun today.
('Till someone takes the t-bone away)
I played, and planned, and had no 
melt-down or crisis today!
Just fun. Fun with cows.
Hope your day is the same:


  1. And since I'm not in induction
    I can - and do - have some carbs from time to time.
    "LoCarb" is not "No-Carb!" Remember?
    Of course you do!

    The milk has about 12 carbs per serving.
    In pasteurization, the fat is removed,
    not the carbs!

  2. Let's face it, EVERY day is a fun day, if you can commune with cows ...

    Can you tell I spent my childhood summers on the family dairy farm?


  3. That would be a nice tour and I think I would like the yogurty stuff. I grew up out in the country and we had a goat so fresh goat milk was the only milk I had. So glad you had a nice day off and a great cow/dairy adventure.

  4. I can see why people love Texas; one day its all shiny highrises the next its happy Cows all under that big blue sky. So happy you are happy and sharing the love. Have a great day girlfriend!

  5. Cows are cool. They graze intuitively... Too funny, I know, I'll be here all week, try the veal, it's the best in the city,,, Oh no, a veal reference around the milk... Oopss

  6. I want your life to be able to go visit cool places and take cool pictures. you are the coolest..

  7. Having grown up on a farm every summer, my husband finds it neat that I can point out a Hereford to a Jersey, to a Charolais to a Holstein...lol.

    Cool pics as always!

  8. wow that cow does have some serious hip-bones huh!? I think the colors are pretty, they look so gentle. not that holsteins look violent haha. Our town is home to Elsie the cow from the Borden milk cartons/commercials. Never saw her out and about though!
    No crisis or meltdowns is good. Fun with cows much better!

  9. Cows are great like that. My friends the gangsta cows are destined to be organic beef. One farm has highland cattle, which are shaggy little critters. Very cute. I think they show them as they are very pampered with toys in their pasture.

  10. Can't live in the Midwest without knowin' your cows! What a cool "field" trip for you. Sounds very interesting.

  11. mmm, yogurt cheese. Ok, I have never tried it. I like yogurt, I like cheese, so I will like yogurt cheese, no?


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