11 September 2010

saturday night hay fever

The happy mule in his happy place

 Sit.... Stay..... Good!

Is this too much "Hay - Look at me!"?

In case you get hay fever?

"Talk to the hoof! 
My face ain't listening!"

Everyone's a comedian!

Why they don't like "city people"

Good old Whats-His-Name
(or .... a horse with no name)

Cute ass!
Sorry - couldn't resist!

After a hard day of hauling hay
I always have a LoCarb Monster drink!

My day was great - 
Hope yours was too!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere...No poop shots...

  2. Hay! Whatchu need a load a hay for? Don't you know it has carbs??

  3. If HAY is for horses, Not Donkeys, what do Donkeys eat? Hmm, maybe they eat horses inthe dark of night when nobody is looking...

  4. It does look like you had a fun day and so you shoud my friend.....:-)Hugs

  5. I understand horses
    can get very sick
    even die
    from mold
    in the hay
    maybe the sign
    the seller

    sunshine looks great
    we're looking
    at the chill of fall

  6. My Dad and husband carted 50 bales of hay today and 70 yesterday. Messy job!

  7. I loved the smiling salt and pepper doggies!

    And you look fabulous in hot pink... it goes perfect with your coloring.


  8. Love the 2nd to last photo and caption. hehe

  9. I love farms and horses..you look pretty happy.

  10. You were on a roll with this post. Very fun and great pictures too. To be snubbed by a stuffed head on the wall though....

  11. LOL...your best post ever. Hay...look at me. My rabbits would love to be there with you and the hay. The two labs are gorgeous...the world is black, the world is white...

  12. FUN! I'm a city girl that spent every summer on a farm out west. I had the best of both worlds I guess!


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