02 September 2010

*aka* kat

Our dear Kyle here to tell about the Special K Diet!
(kat are his initials!)

"Just one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening.
And eat a sensible lunch."
He said he used 2% milk.
And got some exercise in.

Sporting around in his hot hottie car
Kyle lost about 75 pounds on Special K.
In a year....give or take.....

How did this get pic get in here?
That's not Special K!

Going down?
In weight, that is!

Hi! I'm Harley - the office cutie patootie.

"Woof, woof, woofity-woof?"
No, sorry, Harley.... no Special K for you!

Hope your week is going Oh So Wonderfully Well!


  1. Bravo, Kyle!! Très, très impressive! BTW, thanks for checking in on me, Anne. I'm just fine, I'm just feeling particularly boring at the moment. No great blog material is tripping my trigger. :)

  2. :) Thanks for always following me. I do the same on my end for you in case you hadn't noticed...LOL

  3. Good job Kyle!
    Harley is beautiful!

  4. Kyle looks awesome! Harley is a major cutie patootie and you?? Your hot :)

  5. A year of just eating cereal, sounds like a kids dream diet. Well if it were frosted flakes it would be. Looking good!

  6. What a hottie! and the cars not bad looking either! Thanks for sharing Kyle.

    All these cuties and hotties in one place...woof woof :)

  7. Good for Kyle. That is such a stupendous accomplishment. I like special K but mostly I eat regular Corn Flakes with non fat milk. I get the lactose free milk.

  8. Bravo to
    Kyle and his special K
    great story
    great pictures
    and he never got tired of it?

    I can eat one thing
    for maybe 2 months
    maybe 3
    but then?

    Cutie Patootie Harley
    what a sweetie

    this post makes me happy

  9. Peaceful Bird -
    I am honored that you said that.
    I am actually happy today!
    So glad it shows!
    Yeah, Kyle is one of the good ones.

  10. Loving the cutie patootie!!! Special K diet, what ever works for you!! or him.. or me... or them... or us...


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