27 November 2022

rose glow

Neighborhood sunrise. 
The sky was yellow gold. 

The tops of the trees were like magic. 
Siri didn’t do this justice. 

Prepped the food for 6 cat meals. 
I’ll be gone for a few days. 
That’s like 20 years in Cat Time. 

Because you know we seldom feed them. 
Just ask them. Lol. 
The morning meetup posse. 
They stand outside the hall door 
And cry for food. 
*gets water gun* 

The Apple Watch counts arm movements
As well as actual steps with distance. 

I think the key is 
Not doing the same thing every night. 
I think I need to change up slightly 
Every 3 days or so. 
Also being tired is good for sleep. 
So melatonin for a few days. 
Then Delta 9 for a few days. 
Then GABA or KavaKava

Mc D. Double Quarter Pounder. 
I only got half of it 
Before it swan dove out of there. 
Dropped and tossed. 

I’m in a strange place. 
Mentally. A tenacious little vibe. 
A little trepidation. Walk carefully. 
Like in those films about bombs 
or storms or zombies 
and how people come out
From the shelters after an attack.  

At first they’re just looking around
Trying to take it all in. 
Like a new baby popping out of a womb. 
This lil dude is like WTF!
Sorry, buddy, you can’t go back in. 
Once the goose is cooked,
You can’t uncool it. Lol. 

Still having protein shakes 
And viola! My ulcers are better. 
I’ve been sweating for a week. 
Like constantly sweating. 
Like you can see it. 
My hair is wet and clothes are damp. 

And look at me. I survived. 
I’m actually happier now than I’ve been
In a while. But nothing has changed. 
Except for me. I’ve changed. 

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