25 November 2022

fever broke

Perfect sleeping weather. 
Sleep is so important!
I’d say good sleep is
Just as important as good food. 
Maybe it’s a triangle:
Food. Sleep. Movement. 
Maybe that’s all bodies need? 

I hope you and your families 
Had a great Thanksgiving. 
I’m grateful for everyone who reads my blog! 
You’re like family to me. 

Fever? Ha! It was soup. 
The (mom on the case) made some soup. 
Chicken Shreds, and Corn Soup. 
Don’t know why, but some cultures 
Swear by this as a cure for a cold. 
Well it worked. 
Even with a bite or two of corn. 

I ate a bowl of soup and started sweating. 
I haven’t stopped in 2 days. 
Still have COVID night sweats. 
Thanks Lil Apple Watch!

Oddly, my HRV is better. 
Even with this cold. 

The hot toddy is complete 
Mythology. Utter garbage. 
Well, for me. 
I’m so glad I quit drinking. 
You can’t pay me to start again. 
It burns. It’s toxic. No thanks. 
Not a treat. More like a body burden. 

I’m now like a Teetotaler Prohibitionist,
And I’ll hit you in the head with 
My picket sign. 
I guess I would be a 
Monster-totaler since- no tea. Lol. 
Hahaha not really. 
Booze is just not for me. 
I didn’t drink in my 30s or 40s. 

I want to be that kind of person. 

So I pulled out my best
Richard Simmons impression 
And did some Sweating 
To the Oldie. Me. An oldie. 

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  1. I never did have a turkey dinner at Kmart, 93 cents was probably too much for us...my mom worked in the cafeteria for years when I was in elementary school. She didn't drive, and sometimes we got to go with our grumpy dad when he picked her up from work, and sometimes, we got to get a fountain drink...it was like 17 cents with tax...we would go down the line and mix all the kinds...orange, root beer, all of it. When you don't have much, you appreciate what you get, so much more. There isn't much in this world better than a good night of sleep though, I try everything to get one, and sometimes, when I least expect it, wow, I slept! I ate some pie yesterday, and felt AWFUL. It's like a big trick: looks good, smells good, tastes good, then BAM, you feel terrible. (Those night sweats, ugh, I had them with Covid too...I also had my heart skipping beats and pounding hard at random intervals...not fun). Sorry I wrote a whole novel, I love reading your blog, I think you are a very nice, genuinely kind person, and I appreciate your sense of humor, also am encouraged by your determination to navigate through life in a healthy way. So thank you for sharing the ups and downs, so truthfully!


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