30 November 2022

one day more (again)

Working like this is like
Swimming from one ice hole
To another. All in one pass. 
If you mess up, it’s bad. 
You can’t resurface till the other side. 

Instead of ordering out, 
I’ve really tightened up and 
And am almost a miser
After that mega hack I had last week. 

This will indeed be me. 
But I’ll have my skin. 

Nice healing soup. 
I’m 100% better… well… 99% really. 

Modern Nursing Still Life. 
Advil. Monsters. Covefe. 
Hand Sanitizer, masks, 
And hourly temperature checks. 

No food? No problem. 
Give your guts a break.  

The mat I sleep on here is on the floor. 
It sucks getting up and down from the floor. 
Nothing to grab onto. 

In Nursing, that’s called being a
“Furniture Walker.”  Meaning
The person has to hold on things
To walk. And can’t get up from a chair
Without holding on to something. 

Hold on to a chair. Or the potty! 
It’s a definite sign of decline. 
Fight against this! 
Remember on Grace and Frankie
She got stuck on the toilet! 

I suppose my work load 
Is proof of healing. 
Metabolic and immune system healing. 
100 hours a week is not for the weak. 
[Gosh- I’m cleverer- lol!]

An odd selfie. In total darkness 
What a crazy good camera Apple makes. 
They say it also acts as a phone! 

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  1. Oh that first pic! When snow muffles sound, it IS amazing and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful...softly falling, covering brownness... but when it gets so cold, the snow crunches and squeaks under my boots, ugh. When you cannot see where the road is, when the wind is blowing the snow sideways, when you fearfully navigate icy parking lots, knowing that a bad fall is one slip away, winter is dreadful. Our deck steps are a nightmare in the winter, treacherous. The thick ice on the car windows, scrape scrape scrape, while the wind whips around and freezes your nose, no thank you. Yet, I live in New York. , and I commented on the wrong post...:). have a good day!


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