29 November 2022




The last time I got GrubHub
The meal was so nasty- it looked like
A drunk toddler made it. 
And it was like $30! 
I told myself I would be 
Better off fasting. 
I was right! 

Kid is sick. 
Mom brings in humidifier. 
Night Nurse said it was stuffy in the room. 
And opened the window. 
“But the humidifier seemed to help.”

Alas! Alack! Alaska
That’s what I’m trained myself to say
Instead of  saying
“OMG! You must be batshit crazy!”
I just hope it’s not contagious. 

Once upon a time 
In Nurse Land, there was a great magazine 
Called the Journal of Nursing Jocularity 
You can’t change things. 
You might as well giggle.  

They stopped producing this 
Industry Standard when the leaders
Were killed in a wreck. (Link)
I miss the spirit of those days. 

The irony is that here we are
The most advanced 
The most powerful 
All-American Apex Predator!

Our medical knowledge is amazing
And yet- the infrastructure is lacking. 
We suck at delivery. 

All work and no play
Makes for a dull day. 
This is consecutive day 11. 
One day more for a day off. 
I’m going to sleep. 
Nothing but sleep. 

At least still have my wits. 
Don’t leave home without your wits! 

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From It Happened One Night 

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  1. Alas! Alack! Alaska! Too funny. Life is funny, or at least you have to laugh at it or...it would be unbearable sometimes. Also, my younger self never realized how amazing it was to just sleep, to just walk without pain, to just live life without thinking so much about the actual body...oh, the ignorant bliss. Anyway, I'll try not to leave home with my wits.


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