27 September 2022

gossip ranks

Mondays in the chamber. 
The HyperBaric Chamber. 
I’ve been practicing my deep breathing as well. 

Poor baby. 
Wings all here and there. 
Plus he has a bum leg. 
He can not bear weight. 
I feel ya, Mr Crow! 

I dearly love sleep now. 
And it loves me. 
We need to be at peace. 

Hey I know! 
I’ll get up early and make a shake
For me to take! 
Just hope I don’t spill the ….
Never mind. 
Save this for the Blooper Reel. 

Went on to work with shake in hand. 
One scoop IsoPure. 
One scoop PB2
One scoop Instant Coffee. 
Even though I washed the bottle,
There still managed to be
A small price of heavy stock paper. 
Must’ve been hiding. 
Oh well. Drank it anyways. 
More for the Blooper Reel! 

Lots of conservatives 
All around the world right now. 

I guess they can’t arrest everyone. 
Or can they? 

I’m so glad. 
Or is it?

Two cat lap today!

So one good thing about 
Working with people who hate you,
Is there’s no gossip. 

Well… we have another nurse
Who is confrontational 
About things she can’t change. 
Like if a nurse is a few minutes late. 
Or if they said anything about anyone. 
She takes it personally. Internally. 

Or if a family member has a different opinion. 
I don’t miss the lack of gossip. 

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