28 August 2023

rainy day

Finally. Rain. 
About 5 minutes of light spinkles. 
Just enough to mess up the traffic. 

See how bitter I am? 
I am not grateful at all. 

A cloud! WooHoo! 
Bah Humbug.  

Lots of hurricanes.  
Like a major catastrophe every year now. 
I remember Katrina.
 I was working on my house,
And dozens of birds came to roost 
in the rafters - about 2 months prior. 

Tarpon Springs, just north of Tampa 

Most of my Tampa trip was 
Dark, overcast, and broody. 
Like Day for Night. 
I liked it. 
It rained so hard, so fast,
The parking lots were flooding. 

Tampa and Tarpon Springs are on the gulf side. 
They say Tampa Bay hasn’t had a hurricane 
In 100 years. So they were already preparing. 

Working on Flexibility. 

You can take my Raynauds
When you pry it from my cold, 
White, non-feeling fingertips. 

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