29 November 2021

errand day

Headache for a week 
After that HHC. 

I have created a sanctuary space 
For cats. 

Yesterday’s Salad 

2011 looking back. 

I must be reminiscing. 
This is before I broke my leg. 

Today’s Salad. 

Dallas isn’t exactly spectacular 
During the Fall. 
But it lasts only about 2 weeks 
So no biggie. 

Fergus helps clean. 
Cleaning out the freezer is always a chore. 
First World Problems. 

When you become an absurdist 
Who also practices Non Duality,
The best answer is to just 
Go along with everything. 
Cuz fuck it. 
It doesn’t matter!! 
Bwah HaHa!!!

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