26 November 2021

Black Plague Friday

Just CBD and magnesium. 
Of/ and melatonin. 

I didn’t add date to the days 
I did t wear a watch. 

Cleaning out the freezer. 

A patient gave me this. 
I ate the whipped cream off the top. 

New lotion 

Well there ya go. 
A day old In N Out 
Double Double Animal Style 
Protein Style. 
Gets soggy. Don’t care. 
Ate it anyways. 

Once you gain, it’s like stochastics. 
Like 2 pounds up,
One pound maintained 
One pound down, 
2 maintained. 
Etc. If there’s a trend ,
It’s good to reverse it. 
Do you count 10 pounds gain? 
I gained 15 when I broke my leg. 
About where I am now. 

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