19 August 2011

sucky day

Run On, Heifer Bull

Was having a really bad day today....
Then I thought better of it....

What the hell is this?

Probably a very easy, simple, and
plausible explanation for it.
Fill In The Blank.

Lunch - reformed

I'm on my little plan -
so I'm undaunted.

And that's much better than being daunted.

Or followed by little box things!
Whatever the heck it was.

Yesterday, you really 
pissed me off!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Yesterday it was a KB swinger on a box and today you are being followed by a box? A sense a theme here...and you know things happen in threes...so watch out for boxes!

  2. Me thinks that is your possession.

  3. A motorcycle following way too close...maybe?

  4. Um.... I drive a truck - so there's 5 feet of truck bed behind me!
    Just saying!

  5. It looked like a seat belt lock thing. Hmm..weird.

  6. An alien looking for carbs but there there were none to be found :)

  7. What a dumb ass I am - and blonde!
    It's the truck's interior light!
    Heehee - I knew that!

  8. Bwaaahahahahaaaa!!!


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