19 August 2011

I heart CrossFit

Not my legs - 
These belong to the 70 year old lady 
in the CrossFit class

They call our class "Beginners" now,
not BootCamp. Just as well, cuz no one 
was actually wearing boots.

I want to call the class "Cougars!"
Winking smile

I hella rowed today.
They said to go all out -
I did!

35 pound kettle bell dead lift

The box looks like person doing KB swings - 
Can you see her? 
Or is it just me?
Smile with tongue


My first publicly stated goal!

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, 

don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

I imagine even my goals are baby step goals.
Everyone else's goals are like
"Run 100 miles, backwards, blindfolded,
in the rain - in under an hour..."

In CrossFit, they say 
"Your work-out is our warm-up!
Hot smile

Since the holidays are about 4 months off
(like 18 weeks)
I figured I could work on my weight-loss 
and my CrossFit goals.
8 pounds in 18 weeks.
Can I do it?
Open-mouth smile

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. and I love YOU.
    when the child is settled in school Im getting my booty to crossfit too.

  2. looks like fun, and good goals! I see all sorts of shapes, mostly faces and stuff in all sorts of THINGS. I know lots of people would think that means you're nuts--actually it just means you're very creative and a visual person!

  3. Those are no dumb bell goals! Nice work out!

  4. 8 lb in 18 weeks? OF COURSE you can do it. But start right now. Hit the ground running. Or lifting. Or...do it.

  5. You can totally hit that 8 pound goal!

    Btw, whenever you post a picture of your box-jump box, I have flashbacks to my nemesis - box jumping is so hard, mentally and physically! You are awesome for tackling on the cross-fit. :)

  6. I totally see the person doing the kettlebell swings...and this whole post reminds me that I MISS MY KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS!! Why won't I just do them on my own? Grrr...

  7. Wish I could work out with you !!!!

    And I needed this, love this, will repeat this a lot:
    “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached,
    don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

    Thanks, A!

  8. I'm trying to add weights to my pathetic exercise routine (actually, what routine?) I walk my dog, Smiley. Does that count? I do a few stretches. I'm sure that doesn't count. Geesh, I'm going to have to change things.

  9. I believe you can do it, Anne. You can do anything you set your mind to. Hang in there and maintain your focus.

  10. Yay! Thanks for the words of encouragement.
    So now it's out there.... my first public goal!
    That's a half a pound a week average!
    Yay for that!

  11. Row, row, row you boat.... :)
    You can do anything kiddo!! As long as you really want it.
    I may just have to get some kettle balls


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