26 August 2011

high fat / low carb

Jump rope for CrossFit -
Just kidding!
It was actually for push-ups... with a weighted vest!
Not my class.... yet!

This is my class....
The (so-called) Cougar Class ..... grrrrr!
Instead of high fives, we give each other the paw!

Test Driving the Polar FT4 heart monitor

This is the strap I forgot to wear to class
Eye-rolling smile

Lots of stretching here...
I'm only 5'2" but my inseam is 30
so my legs - they like to stretch!

Back to my diet of more or less High Fat/ Low Carb....
Lots of eating butter - Not Atkins "Per Se"...
And lots of fun with food on FaceBook!

Happiness is a warm....
yes it is.....  BUN!
But I no longer need a fix!
*bang, bang, shoot, shoot*

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. happiness is indeed warm...iceberg lettuce.

  2. Have a wonderful day, you inspire me to get on my treadmill. have a great weekend.

  3. I missed some of your posts. So I looked through them now. The picture of the oranges and banana for the smiley face is awesome. I will do that and take a picture for my granddaughter and email it to her.

  4. Your blog makes me smile everyday! I always look forward to reading it with my morning coffee! Rock on!

  5. I got to do the low fat along with the lo carb. I used to love Atkins though. I'm a protein and meat lover.

  6. Love the big chain! Gives me ideas...

    Glad you are back to CrossFit and hittin' hard like a Cougar should...giving each other the paw is so funny!!!

  7. Yep - I decided to give it my all!
    And my awl!


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