16 August 2011

movie montage

LoCarb started so nicely.
I don't ever have to be hungry again!

Just eat my little LoCarb protein stuff,
Mind my own beeswax,
Do my thing!

But hey! After 2 years, maybe I can have a little 
something. Maybe a little Sugar-Free something.

Surely I can control myself - 
and my hungry appetite - with just the
sheer power of my thoughts, and desire
to reach my goals!

It's not like I'm a helpless little waif - 
At the mercy of my big - bad
(albeit misunderstood) hunger!

Or maybe not!
I am not believing how little it takes
to wreck my diet plans!

What I have here is a failure to communicate!
My mind with my body.
I think I'm in denial as to what it really takes
to keep on losing - and maintaing my loss.

I don't want it to be so restricting 
to be on a reducing diet!
(But that doesn't make it so...)

So - the snacks have to go.
I am tired of these mf snacks on a mf plane!

It's back to hamburgers and more meat.
That's what worked best for me.
Salads... some veggies....
 And less pseudo-healthy processed foods stuff.

The cravings are just too strong -
And just not worth it!
That's what I liked best about LC in the first place! 
Why expose myself to that kind of risk?

And less - much less indulgences
Sugar-free, or not!

Because Cheetah's Never Win!

The End - and a new beginning!

(all images from google images/movies!)


  1. Love it! Cheetahs never win. Hahahaha!

    So easy to get off track. So hard to step back on.

  2. I love doing my own thing and not being swayed by what the masses are doing. Hang in there, Anne.

  3. Funny post! I love all these movie references!

  4. heehee -
    The Hannibal reference -
    Is it mindless eating?
    Or eating my brains out?
    lol, of course....

  5. No matter what, you have to do what works for you, not anyone else. This was a really cute post that delivered a good message!

  6. I always smile when I come to read your daily posts :)

  7. I adore this as Im a firm believer all lifes riddles are answered in the movies (NAME THAT MOVIE!! :))


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