20 August 2011

got gout?

Nope - I don't have gout -
Even after 2 years on LoCarb!

What I have is a strong desire to keep on 
With the changes I've already committed to making!

I don't have scheduled "Cheat Days"
Why shoot myself in the fat little (non-gout-ified) foot?
And then ponder the mystery of "Why LC doesn't work?"

I'm not here to play.
Well, I really am here to play -
But not when it comes to staying in Ketosis!

Staying strong stretching my body and working out - 
Even a little bit - every single day!
I've even regained an inch or so in height
That I lost when I was slumping all the time!

Mooya IceBurger Wrap - before...

And after - lots of lettuce in the wrap

These people leave French Fries behind -
Obviously they are not Foodies - OR Fatties!

Yep - 2 years on LC
And I didn't get a disease or a condition -
Except maybe Fitness Fever!

This is a Polar F4 Heart Monitor -
Not the easiest thing in the world to use....imho...
I set one up for a friend. I also set up
one for her hubs - the FT4...
LOTS easier to use - and a bigger better strap!

So yay!
Hope your day is great and productive!
And Happy!


  1. Fitness Fever - you know, I got that same disease, lol!

    My brother has gout. Horribly painful. I hope you never get it!

  2. My brother has gout, too!

    I myself just get better and better -
    All my blood values are better
    than the doctors and nurses who did the labwork!

  3. Every time I get a physical my Dr. tells me I have gout!! I have yet to have any pain from it :)

    Your definitely inspiring me to workout, even with this thing on my arm!!

  4. You should have had Gout and a heart attack and extreme constipation from lack of grains after about 4 or 5 days on LC as well as many other ailments! You must be a medical marvel :-D hehhe....have a great Saturday my dear!

  5. I have that desire, too. To keep on with the changes I have made. Fitness freak? Getting there. Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, man...I love ketosis. I love the feeling of not wanting to eat anything and knowing that there hardly any of that processed sugar crap in my body. ;)

  7. You are a super star!

  8. I know someone who has gout. He hasn't low carbed a day in his life.

    Good for you! Your progress pics are simply amazing!

  9. I don't have gout but I have chronically high uric acid levels which can cause gout. I take allopurinol for it so that I don't produce uric acid kidney stones anymore. Ouch!


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