11 August 2011

the heat is on (girlie girlie girlie)

The heat and the long days continue!
I think we are going for a new record.
Or a broken record.
Open-mouth smile

Little plants are cooking outside
Disappointed smile

Still in the 80's when the sun goes down
(much like the 80's music song)
Laughing out loud

Not running out of water - so far!
Crying face

Still cool enough to go to a tea party
Party smile

And a doctor's office - 
They don't know from fats
Green with envy

Open wide and say AH.....

Turn your head to the left and cough

The amusing house wine...

Guns are cheaper than dirt here in Texas!

And to all a good night!
Really having a good time -
Just very busy at work!
Thanks to everyone who checked on me!
Winking smile
Wish you were here!
Stay cool!
Hot smile


  1. It was cooler here yesterday. I think it is way too hot down there in Tex-ass!

  2. Last night it was so cool that I had to wear a sweater outside...I blame the wind.

    Love your tea party get up!!!

    You stay cool and have some fun!

  3. Texas and guns
    California and tanned Barbie girls
    Hawaii and surfing
    oregon and hippies

    And the list goes on :)

  4. Oh dear. I have a feeling we'll be making a field trip to that store in Dallas. Chuck orders supplies from Cheaper than Dirt all the time for his hobby.

    It's so hot that a park spontaniously combusted near my friend's house! They had to call the fire dept and everything.
    We have signs in our neighborhood for emergency water conservation: no outside water usage. It's bad. We need rain desperately. Just no hurricanes. :)

    Miss you. Hope you are well and happy.

  5. Cheaper then dirt guns?? Oh boy Texas! Loved the sunset pics. You are looking great!

    It never cools down here in Phoenix either! Too DAMNED HOT!

  6. My personal trainer and his family just moved to Houston on Tuesday...he says he can't believe how hot it is! I guess being from Canada, it would be a shock to his system...lol

  7. Here is hoping for some cool Arctic air to sweep through Texas!


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