30 August 2011

carb blade

Been studying about not eatin' carbs - reckon?
Lot's of stuff in the Atkins book I don't rightly understand, though.

Too much carbs - makes a person all stove up...
That's the way I see it!

Maybe get some good walking in
Smoking er non-smoking?

Maybe some sports or sumptin'

Lots of coffee - mmm-hmmm!
Ya ought naught drink too much
Lesson ya get a bit nervous!

Oh no!
Watch out for "Carb-Creep!"

Just say "No!" to carbs, Karl!

They aim to kill you - reckon?
Reckon they do, at that!

Well, maybe this will wait - till next time!

Some people call it a dinner roll - 
I call it a Kaiser roll....

Watch out for this too!
Just a-saying!
Winking smile

With all the usual fontleroy!


  1. That movie scared the heck out of movie!!! I am scared again.

  2. We used to call that "potty meat" when we were chillans. I think we knew more than anyone suspected...

  3. Well you can have yer musterd mmmmhmmm...but best leave them taters alone! :-D I dont like that there potty meat LOL. I like to feed Odin the Vienna Fingers (which my husband calls Vine-ee Fingers!) but point taken---processed meat isnt good for ya neither--mmhmm!

  4. Except maybe some spam.... once in a while, eh?
    But only when ya run outta bacon!

  5. I hate to admit it...but I love potted meat. Add some mayo and a couple of chopped boiled eggs and slap it on a couple of slices of white bread!! My mom called it "hurricane food". She would stock up on this and vienna sausage and water and batteries.

    Great post!!

  6. i love that movie! am not wild about potted meat though me and my hubby ate it when we were young and poor. now...old and middle class, have enough cash for actual lunchmeat and bacon lol


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