23 August 2011

hitchcock work-out

 While you are standing there, 
you could be doing some stretching -
Just saying...

A good time for a little jog - 

Maybe a couple of push-ups

Looks more like CrossFit here!
3,2,1.... again - faster!

Yep - that's like CrossFit, alright!

"What the hell is a 'blog'?
And why I can't find it in the paper?"

Take time out for chatting networking

Maybe a little rock climbing

Maybe a little sightseeing?
"Next time, Honey, maybe get the upgrade -
This Groupon tour is really scaled back!"

"This better be Splenda!
I told you no carbs, Darling!"

"What the hell? 17 carbs an ounce?
No thanks - I'm in Induction!"

Rest time is important

Leisure activities, too

With all the usual Fontleroy!


  1. You are so darned creative! Love this.

  2. I love this movie! I think I like your version better though!

  3. HAHAHAHH!!!! It is primal...run in fields, climb a "weird" rock face. Take a sudden dive to avoid predators. Dodge bullets (or spears and arrows). hahahhaha

    You make me smile!

    (And man, they were such a hot couple on screen, Eva and Cary. Cool blonde beauty and lean elegant alpha male. Sigh.)

  4. Terrific fantastic marvelous post. You are super creative, lady.

    I want a Monty Python post! :D

  5. My fave - Monty Python!
    Spam, Spam Spam Spam and Spam!

  6. Oh Monty Python would be hillarious!

  7. Love this post - you are spot-on!!!

  8. Loved this Anne! You are so creative!


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