22 August 2011

happy meal is happy

Fruit - smoot

Cookie - schmookie

Back to my safe haven - for now....

Actual un-retouched photograph!
Disappointed smile

Happy cup is happy, too!
Hiya, Hottie!

I'll be sticking with the same old
same old.... but dang - 
I think I want it with all my heart....
Just one Sin-A-Mon roll.....
Come on... just one.....!
Sick smile

(less miserable)
I'd rather fight than switch....

Forced off the road this morning...
Took this exit instead...
Found a pretty scene!
Just goes to show - ya never know!

Hope your day is wonderful!
I really mean it when I tell you this.... btw!
Hot smile


  1. I cannot tell you much badly I needed that laugh!!!!! Thank you, you low carb Queen!

  2. You have me laughing at those funny and cute happy face meals! :-D

  3. Your posts always make me have a happier day. Smilies everywhere! Even on my face.

  4. Too funny, I'd rather fight than switch! Thanks for the laugh!


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