08 August 2011

it's all good

I basically have been working from morning 

till night

Not complaining, though - I love to be busy

God reading - good Monster (one a day is all)
and good blood pressure/ pulse for me!

108/70 pulse 52...
Must be the heat and/or 
lack of CrossFitting!

Good lunches - lots of water

Yes - it says 130 in the sun!
The official temp readings are taken in the shade -
108 in the shade

A lovely treat for me...
A Carnivore's Delight!
Best. Steak. Evah!

Very busy times here!
Just now catching up...

Hope your days are cool -
Thanks for checking on me, y'all!


  1. Wish you could have had some steak with me!
    It was awesome!
    Covered with butter - just as it should be!

  2. Now is the time for me to make theater plans for a visit to NY !!! Any thoughts and dates >??

  3. Yay!!! Boo to being so busy...it makes me miss you!

    Steak with butter is zee only way!!!

  4. I'm missing you. But busy means a paycheck. :)

    Beautiful steak. If you need someone to share it with.......just sayin. :D

  5. Oh, look at that gorgeous blue in the sky! And look at you! Your faboo smiling face. A hard worker. A positive attitude. An athlete's pulse rate.

    Lady, you're just a treat.

    As is grilled steak.Num. Had some last night on a mixed greens salad with avocado and peanut-cilantro dressing. Amazing good.

    Keep on driving and smiling and photographing and making us smile.


  6. Glad to see a post from you :) Missed you. How are your plans for coming north this Fall? Think you'll still be able to do it?

  7. I missed you too. Funny how much I miss my fellow bloggers when there are no daily posts. Guess I better do the same.

  8. That top photo is amazing.
    Good grief that is HOT... glad I'm not there to be truthful.


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