14 August 2011

a little fall of rain

Not quite a little - your milage may vary... 
Yay for rain!

Da Beer Cave -
Or was it Bear Cave?

Shoulder work continues - 
I always look like I never lost a pound
when I do the neck stretches right...

But I do look like a person 
who needs to lose some more!
Which, of course, I do!

What-ever it was that was plaguing me yesterday -
It's gone today! And it took 5 full pounds with it.
Yay! my "Back to Ketosis" plan worked!

The sky was yellow and orange last night-
Yellow After The Rain.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. What a wonderful sunset, glad you finally got some rain. think of you often. keep going you have done amazingly well. your keep at it attitude always makes me kick my butt back into gear...thank you.

  2. The golden look after a storm is beautiful, don't you think? I like your face no matter which way you stretch it. Ha.

  3. Beautiful golden sky! Don't feed the bears!

    Glad you feel better today...

  4. Congrats on the 5 pounds. You are looking great to me.

  5. we waited for it to come here...to no avail :)


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