17 August 2011

diddley squat

My coach and trainer snapped a pic
of my ever-improving squat!

They are counted/paced:  down slowly - then hold - 
then up slowly, then pull the resistance bands
when you are in the upright position!
That's one rep.
One thigh-burning rep!
Winking smile

Now the Hollow Holds are harder -
done without arm support...
Whilst balancing on a foam roller!
I still need my arms, though!
Thumbs up

The bands and Medicine Balls are getting lighter!
I am going up the levels - quick as light!

Now, they add weights to the bar!
Little bitty weights.
They look like steel training wheels!

Little sets, but they pack lots of punch!
I was on fiy-ah at CrossFit yesterday!

My reward is a tall glass o' water!
Hot smile

And a Hamburger with cheese and bacon!
Ah - home again!

But you are right - 75 grams per serving 
is still alot o' fat!
Makes me think twice!

Heard some geese fly by today!
Any geese that weren't cooked by the Texas heat
are free to go!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Lo carb fantasy of the flying geese slowly roasting, as they drop onto your dinner plate, perfectly cooked....

  2. Ah, yes! One can dream, right?

  3. Look at the muscles m you legs popping out :) And the smile!!

  4. Still waiting for an itenerary (sic)

  5. I should use resistance bands to hold me steady during squats! I've just bee freestyling or holding onto the bathroom counter. The min-weights remind me of tinker toys!

  6. Good job! Crossfit sounds scaary hard but you are rocking it.
    Great minds think alike: I had burgers last night too. Though no bacon. :(

  7. The only fat I don't worry about anymore is the grass-fed kind. So good for you! If I can switch over to pastured hog, I'm golden. :D

  8. Right you are - I eat grass-fed beef whenever I get the chance!
    Trying different kinds of meat, too. Buffalo, etc.

  9. I call squatters rights!!! You are such a CrossFit machine!!!

    Love the burger...so cheesy...mmm...mmm...mmm!

    Have a superb day!!!

  10. Ouch, my thighs are screaming just watching you do your squats! Very nice, Anne! :)

  11. Nice squat! The squat is king and deadlift is queen :D

  12. I noticed those leg muscles too :) way to go on the workout.

  13. Bacon cheeseburger....... Droool......


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